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Comment Re:Fundamentally Flawed (Score 2) 183

You mean it is still customizable. It's not like you can install any software you want legally on your iOS appliance. But that is besides the point: even using Safari browsers, one is still susceptible to MITM, fishing, scamming ... attacks. So it isn't really a question of which browser/OS etc. you use. It is a question of infrastructure and the weakest link will always be the target.

Comment Re:Prime example of scientific tunnel-vision? (Score 3, Interesting) 114

Actually, a crystal's basic physical and optical properties do not change even when it is eroded: one unit cell of the crystal has all the determining characteristics that a macroscopic sample would have. Given, it takes some training to tell a rough diamond apart from quartz, but that's what mineralogists and material scientists are for. Oh and one more thing: if it was at least a little transparent, the most readily distinguishable characteristic of calcite is that it's birefringent (check: Wikipedia if you do not know what that means).

Submission + - Facebook censors and threatens users

Zyrill writes: A german IT-news site reports that Facebook not only censors user content as reported before it also threatens users that still try to post messages containing references to censored material. The case in question concerns the site Lamebook which is now being sued by Facebook for alleged trademark infringement.

Lamebook apparently snips funny Facebook messages and pictures and lists them on their site. When a user tries to post a link or even mention the word Lamebook on Facebook now, posting of messages is impossible. In an even crasser instance, a user named Kev is threatened by Facebook after posting a joke: he goes "KNOCK KNOCK!" whereupon a Natalie asks "Who's there?" Kev:" LAME..." Nat:" Lame who?" Somebody using the account "Facebook" posts: "Hey Kev, I wouldn't finish that joke if I were you." Compare here

Can anybody confirm this isn't just a hoax? I mean, how sick is this — it's 2010 and not 1984!

Comment Re:I want to go to college too! (Score 1) 597

There's other countries where you can actually study for free - Germany for example... We have lots of Chinese students coming here for their education because it's 1) Very good 2) Very cheap and 3) You can even take courses in English at most universities Think about it - one semester costs you as a foreign student about 600 or 800$, depending on where you want to study - and I know quite a lot of students who don't have any money, get no scholarship and work all through the year so they can afford to pay rent etc. and they still have free time and can easily do their studies... Oh and another thing: I don't know how it is in America but here we have libraries so you don't need to buy one single book. But then again I don't think you should get into university because clearly, if you havn't got the wits to figure out where you could study you don't belong in one anyway...

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