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Comment Re:So what if... (Score 1) 532

At the school I go to, extra engineering costs are billed based on the course instead of your major. Everybody pays the same tuition for english classes, and everybody pays the same extra fees/credit hour if they take an engineering course. I expect this method to become dominant, otherwise there will be large numbers of "English" majors taking senior engineering courses.

Comment Re:You mean lobbying? (Score 1) 391

For the military this is a big deal. Anything related to intelligence gathering or psychological operations are strictly prohibited from targeting US persons. Psy-Ops and Public Relations are different job classifications, the training is conducted at different locations, they are different units. They are kept strictly separate at all times by multiple laws and policies to ensure that no once can plausibly accuse the military of targeting US persons with propaganda. Even if the general was just looking for a way to tell the truth in a way that the audience would more readily appreciate, the military can plausibly be accused of propagandizing senators. This is, or should be, career ending every officer involved.

Comment Re:Yaaawn (Score 1) 244

A duplexer allows the use of a single antenna for TX and RX, but the TX and RX must still happen on different frequencies, or in different time slots. This article would double the frequency spectrum capacity by allowing a two different two way conversations to exist in the spectrum used by a single duplex conversation today.

Comment Re:Forget the cost of the gun (Score 1) 782

The problem will come when there is a period of peace before the next war. The ammunition will be so expensive the guns will never be fired. When the soldiers go to the next war, if will be with weapons they have never actually fired. You can see this with the AT-4 in service now. It's pretty good for what it is, but very few soldiers have ever or will ever fire one, thus the actual effective range is no where close to what it is theoretically.

Comment Re:It's not the country's debts. (Score 1) 809

This is why banks shouldn't have been bailed out in any country. If the bankers want to take stupid risks and make loans to people with no assets or income, let them. When those foolish loans fail the banks should fail as well. When they have to pay for their own mistakes the remaining bankers will make good investments. If bankers continue to make bad investments GOTO sentence 2.

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