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Submission + - Yoda Signs on to the UN (

Mikkeles writes: Saudi Arabia's education minister has apologised for the production of a school textbook in which the Star Wars character Yoda is seen superimposed on a photograph of the late King Faisal. The image, which shows the diminutive Jedi Master sitting beside King Faisal as he signs the UN Charter in 1945, was created by the Saudi artist Shaweesh. He told the BBC it was not yet clear how it had ended up in the textbook.

Shaweesh said he included Yoda because, like King Faisal, he was "wise, strong and calm". "Someone should have checked the image before printing," he added.

Comment Re:People insist on being stupid (Score 1) 465

Maybe, then, scientists should just repeat their findings continuously without bringing up, or trying to directly counter, the nonsense. That is: just repeat what they understand again and again, especially on pop media.

The rational amongst us would then just have to read the actual papers to check assumptions and ask questions to refine the results.

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