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Comment Re:Except for Gmail Google services are a joke (Score 2) 65

Even GMail sucks. Our sorry story:

Off to Italy, having done our communications and reservations, etc. with a GMail account.

Arrived in Rome and attempted to use it to provide/get further information.

Oh noes! You're using your account from a different location! Nobody ever travels or gets a GMail account to be universally (earthily?) accessible!

You must send us your cell phone number (we don't have one) or your home e-mail address so we can ask for confirmation. We can't access that. In fact, we used a GMail account so as to not bother with setting up a web access.

    Fortunately, I saved the previous e-mails, created a new GMail account and used that to communicate. Most people just reply, so we got the responses on the new account.

Summary: GMail sucks.

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