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Comment Re:No, thank you (Score 1) 54

I agree. They would have a really great deal if they could put the whole thing in, e.g., a shipping container, and transport one or more of them to your site and convert your paper records.

This would open up the customer base to include such options as government (IRS, Health, DoD, CIA, etc.) and defense contractors who handle protected and classified material which cannot be sent/stored "in the cloud" as well as sensible and responsible organizations who won't.

Comment Re:Except for Gmail Google services are a joke (Score 2) 65

Even GMail sucks. Our sorry story:

Off to Italy, having done our communications and reservations, etc. with a GMail account.

Arrived in Rome and attempted to use it to provide/get further information.

Oh noes! You're using your account from a different location! Nobody ever travels or gets a GMail account to be universally (earthily?) accessible!

You must send us your cell phone number (we don't have one) or your home e-mail address so we can ask for confirmation. We can't access that. In fact, we used a GMail account so as to not bother with setting up a web access.

    Fortunately, I saved the previous e-mails, created a new GMail account and used that to communicate. Most people just reply, so we got the responses on the new account.

Summary: GMail sucks.

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