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Comment Meetups (Score 1) 197

I goto meetups. They are cheaper, takes less of my time and in my area. There it is easy to both find people who are interested in your area (since meetups can be quite focused) and find people who are hiring. You are also more likely to get an interview from a meetup (IMO) because most of the time only people ACTUALLY interested in that field (and not just a paycheck) go to meetups.

Comment Re:Encryption (Score 2) 319

That sentiment is fine for hanging out with friends, but in my line of work a cell phone is required. The company was then faced with a choice, take on a large cost of buying everyone phones, or split the cost with the employees. Since we all had out own phones anyways, the decision was unanimous: 1 phone, less to carry, cheaper for everyone, more money in my pocket and my companies pocket.

Long story short, my "personal" cell phone is required on my work trips.

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