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Comment Re:liar (Score 1) 564

you are bashing out on the messenger. which in this case is akin to a journalist.

remember a few things: wikileaks nor assange goes after the info. they just receive it. someone risk themselves for the info and subsequent release.

why then is our tax being spent on shooting the messenger instead of find the party that acquired the information, or prosecuting the people guilty after the information release?

claiming they target someone is dumb. they may at most be pawns of whoever goes after the information and release it to them. at most.

if you are discontent, just email trump a link to a rootkit. chances are he is going to fall. but you must put your money were your mouth is. I am sure wikileaks will publish whatever you got after a minimal verification.

Comment Re:No bounds of hypocrisy (Score 1) 82

fios was sold to frontier on the west.

also it always was cable all the way. with very short runs of fiber. the actual layency was much worse than my trusty dsl+ when I lived one block from the end point.

it baffles me that this thread is full of people claiming their gig up and gig down with no mention of latency.

Comment Re:Ask Slashdot (Score 0) 186

Despite the lowly vocabulary, the parent is 100% correct.

The best indicator ever that something is just useless and completely ignored were it not as a toy, is that there is no open source alternative being worked on.

I mean, some toy projects even get the open source alternative going. When it doesn't have, it is a very clear indicator that nobody cares outside of the little world that is san-francisco bay area.

Comment Re:And this is why I don't own a Blackberry (Score 1) 62

just buy the Priv.

despite the name, ignore all the "privacy" stuff, and just use regular android that it ships with.

it is as bad as any android phablet from samsung or google, but has a physical keyboard with a touchpad sensor on each key! (so i hope eventually we get Swype-style input overthe physical keyboard)

of course, for now, since it is a shitty as any current smart phone, sometimes the virtual keyboard eats up the screen even with the hardware one open...

Comment Re:Software to detect bad cables? (Score 1) 113

You are thinking about the one that fried some googler laptop.

This has NOTHING to do with it.

it will continue to fry your computer. This has to do with the fact that the cable itself now has a processor, like the lightning cable. or a usb hub.

This code, which they will force on the kernel upstream i bet, will make sure that the image running there is from some trusted vendor. Something like calling an API getVendorID and then the chip on the cable would return "copyrighted string ABC" so that they can sue manufacturers not paying the USB group fees, while not protecting you at all.

Now, if they had a tester device on the other end and they could try to detect any time skew from data going from one end to another, they could in theory detect man-in-middle attacks, which is all a cable can do... but i doubt that is the case.

Comment Re:Wireless spectrum is not infinite (Score 2) 60

*IF* it were to give cell phones more bandwidth.

we already have enough that the caps are artificial.

This will work to kill the competition to the mobile data plan.

Hope to use wifi at home or at a cafe? too bad, the 0.5kW transmitter in every corner "for more cell phone bandwidth" is poluting the 2.4 and 5Ghz to the point you can't connect to any wifi network.

because telcos will surely get an exception to transmit on 2.5 and 5Ghz with a lot more power than consumer devices, because, you know, they will have to "serve well thousands of consumers" so they can have "more bandwidth". ...nobody mention that with the current bandwidth you already can blow your monthly cap in half a day using 4G.

Comment Re:One of the problems of public companies... (Score 1) 136

History context for the clueless that only goes as deep as the article titles:

Everyone who managed to hold yahoo stock after the dot com bubble (yahoo was the only one that did not tank, so you had to be pretty loaded to survive with stocks after that) also holds lots and lots of microsoft stock.

before google, yahoo was the only competition to microsoft online.

Now, you have tons of stocks of a close-to-monopoly company, microsoft, that pays some dividend. And then you have a few stocks from a runner up that you can't really control and do not pay dividends.

What you do?

1. you call your friends at Goldman&Sachs, ask them to publish an evaluation of value-assets=$0 (reason why first poster made the joke about selling the chairs. Media manipulation was that easy on the 90s)
2. Wait for the market to panic. Buy all you can to get control (i.e. become activist).
3. crash and burn company so Microsoft can buy the remaining market

Now you killed the only competition to microsoft (remember, we are in the 90's here) and microsoft can become a sort-of-monopoly on yet another market! and that is a company you already owns tons of stock.

that is the reason they professionaly-killed Jery Yang, because he suggested a buy back.

Here we are in the next century. And the same is happening. Why? because those companies now, having lost the google ship, called their friends at goldman&sachs and asked for another fake evaluation: facebook. And that is the reason you are seeing all those "barbarian at the gates" histories on Yahoo yet again. And all those evaluations that ignore all the millions on profit and say that yahoo is only worth the BABA stocks.

Comment Re:biased article (Score 1) 158

had you marked as a friend for some reason, but changed to foe :)

pointing out that the article is form the offended party is one thing, but ignoring that they are right about the law is another.

then, the funny thing is, @hagnat compares this to watergate, but the current president is the one how put the laws that enabled the corruption to be prosecuted in the first place. So it is kinda the opposite of watergate.

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