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Comment Re:An agenda (Score 1) 420

I understand where you're coming from. So I'll question it.

Science helps us determine that something will cause issues for everybody in the country down the road. The country is tasked with protecting the people within it. Science has determined a threat, so the government is tasked with helping eliminate, reduce, or avoid it.

Okay, done.

Comment yeah right (Score 1) 487

"but the extra time required to really get a FreeBSD box tuned will come back in spades through performance and stability metrics. You'll get more out of the hardware, be that virtual or physical, than you will on a generic Linux binary installation.'"

Prove it.

Comment Simple: (Score 1) 775

This is simple. Teaching about science and logic is okay, teaching about religion is not. When science and logic contradict religion, teaching that they do, isn't a problem. The position isn't to disparage religion, it's to teach science and logic. That religion is disparaged by that automatically is only religion's fault.

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