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Comment Re:Junke speaks English (Score -1) 711

Ah, I know this one. In fact, you want the negotiations to be in your native language, and make the other party use their non-native language. This puts you at an advantage.

If they're calling you a dumbfuck to your face, you need to drop them. If you're suspicious, bring in a speaker of their language and tell them he's part of your team. He stays silent the whole time and listens. He'll tell you what they're saying. Again, advantage: yours.

Comment Re:Trump fear (Score -1, Insightful) 285

Yaknow, if this is fearing Trump's wrath, then I'm all for it. I'm sick and tired of royal CEOs deciding to screw over Americans and our government not having our backs. Other countries back up their people all the time.

Just 7 short months ago the Chinese snubbed Obama in the tarmac at the G20 summit. Now they're buying American coal and helping tame the North Koreans. What a turnaround. Wrath like this I can get behind.

Comment Re:Wow! (Score -1) 263

As historian W. Jelani Cobb notes, "The freedom to offend the powerful is not equivalent to the freedom to bully the relatively disempowered. The enlightenment principles that undergird free speech also prescribed that the natural limits of one's liberty lie at the precise point at which it begins to impose upon the liberty of another." There is no doubt that the speakers in question impose on the liberty of students, staff, and faculty at Wellesley. We are especially concerned with the impact of speakers' presentations on Wellesley students, who often feel the injury most acutely and invest time and energy in rebutting the speakers' arguments. Students object in order to affirm their humanity. This work is not optional; students feel they would be unable to carry out their responsibilities as students without standing up for themselves. Furthermore, we object to the notion that onlookers who are part of the faculty or administration are qualified to adjudicate the harm described by students, especially when so many students have come forward. When dozens of students tell us they are in distress as a result of a speaker's words, we must take these complaints at face value.

What is especially disturbing about this pattern of harm is that in many cases, the damage could have been avoided. The speakers who appeared on campus presented ideas that they had published, and those who hosted the speakers could certainly anticipate that these ideas would be painful to significant portions of the Wellesley community. Laura Kipnis's recent visit to Wellesley prompted students to respond to Kipnis's presentation with a video post on Facebook. Kipnis posted the video on her page, and professor Tom Cushman left a comment that publicly disparaged the students who produced the video.

Comment Re:He is an idiot... (Score -1) 307

"We're not campaigning any more. The election is over."
-- Barack Hussein Obama

"You are entitled to your opinion, but not your own facts"
-- Barack Hussein Obama

"Elections have consequences, and at the end of the day, I won."
-- Barack Hussein Obama, three days after being inaugurated

Obama brought so much hope back to America that America voted for a Republican outsider to undo everything he did.

Comment Re:This is all very silly. (Score -1, Troll) 478

BDSM isn't the issue. The issue is misogyny and Social Darwinism. These values are incompatible with the values of Drupal. It's not a free speech issue, it's not a bedroom privacy issue. This is justified social ostracism from a society that rejects his values. No platform.

Comment Re:What people do in private life belongs to them (Score 0) 478

The Gor subculture's views on feminism are at odds with the Drupal project's values. But don't trust me, let's take a look at Rational Wiki:

Goreans are, all too often, nutters who have taken the works of a science fiction author way too seriously. The term "Gorean" comes from the Chronicles of Gor series of novels by John Norman, set mostly (where else?) on the planet Gor. The society in the novels is a patriarchy in which women are enslaved and bought and sold as property (there are some male slaves as well, though they're rare). In fact, on the planet Gor, gravity itself seems to be sexist. Tarl Cabot, the Earth-born hero of the series, is described as having much greater strength on Gor, as his muscles developed to function under Earth's higher gravity. However, Earth women have no such experience and find themselves physically helpless before Gorean men.

Many Goreans simply use Norman's setting for the purposes of BDSM role-playing. However, vocal proponents of Gorean "philosophy" actually think the series is a good blueprint for society, which has led to the creation of Gorean sex cults. The Goreans justify the subjugation of women using a mixture of recycled eugenics (or dysgenics, to be more technically accurate) and Social Darwinism. In short, back when men were men and women were women, skull-cracking cavemen roamed the Earth who were better adapted for survival because of their superior combat skills and penchant for kidnapping women. This kept the riff-raff from reproducing until the advent of modernity, industrialization, and feminism.

A splinter group from the Goreans called the Kaotians, founded by Lee Thompson, was raided in May 2006. In 2008, Thompson was sentenced to three years in prison for forcing his girlfriend to have sex with a number of other men.


It is recognized that men, on the whole, tend to be the naturally more dominant, logical, larger and physically stronger of the human species and that women generally tend to be more submissive, nurturing, emotional, smaller and physically weaker. With that in mind, gender roles within the Gorean construct are that of men as the leaders and women as the followers, for the most part.

The majority of those who seem to fall outside the natural norms actually do not, but rather, have subscribed too long to societal teachings that encourage the stifling of natural behaviors and thinking in favor of simulated equality and have developed habits and views that suppress and circumvent our true natures.

Just have a look at the Wikipedia page for Goreanism to see the photo of the woman there. No wonder this philosophy is so repellent. Social Darwinism and eugenics are both totally discredited and deserve no platform, anywhere.

Comment I think they don't understand (Score -1, Interesting) 478

I think these signators don't understand what they're protesting. The letter is shot through with social justice language, but Larry Garfield follows a misogynistic creed and there is nothing wrong with ousting him. The Gorean philosophy is based on the principle that women are evolutionarily predisposed to serve men and that the natural order is for men to dominate and lead. This is inconsistent with the goals of project Drupal and is not a free speech issue. This creed is of the kind that no organization, especially at a progressive open source project, should endorse or give a platform to.

Comment Re:No Human Element? (Score -1) 81

That USED TO be true, back before the online poker era. But as it turns out, having a math whiz brain works a lot better than reading people's faces. Instantly calculating odds is far better knowing what their cards were by the way they held their eyes. Add to that hand history, which the computer does much better than any human, and it's not surprising yet another human activity has been surpassed.

Comment Re:Go, Poker, Chess, Jeopardy... (Score -1) 81

So, what you're saying is that Trump isn't Hitler any more? How'd this happen? Were you even around during the travel ban? What about right after the election, when ecstatic Trump supporters beat up Muslims and spraypainted swastikas everywhere? "Make America White Again", they said.

Just look at these images - come on, moving up from Hitler to easily replaced by an AI is a gargantuan upgrade. What's next, "I don't agree with him but he's not that bad"?

The most historical figure most commonly referred to as an analogue to Donald Trump is Adolf Hitler. Instead of dismissing the parallels, isn't it time that we confront them, and consider them seriously?

-- Trump and Hitler: A Responsible Consideration (2017)

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