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Comment Fucking assholes (Score 2) 133

Fuck, Timothy Leary and Ken Kesey have a lot to answer for. If not for their disgusting antics, we would have had this medicine decades ago. But no, they had to dance around like frightening spectres, "I'm going to dose your kids with hallucinogens, and then they'll never come home to you again! They'll hate everything about you! Muhahahaha!" All so they could try to tear down society, because they deemed it unjust. Fuck those fucking pricks. Their persuasion worked! These drugs were made hugely illegal, even for research, largely due to the scare tactics they used. When you go back and look at the coverage, it's not surprising people reacted this way. We had this increidble medicine this whole time, and they just wanted to use it for recreation. They're worse than Harvey Weinstein in my book.

Comment Re:Thank you slashdot (Score 1) 180

You're German, you own Europe, why aren't you creating your own reality with family and community? No, you're doing what you do best - get onto an American website and bitch and moan - in English - that the Americans are ruining everything. Everyone's sick of your shit. Fuck off, European.

The US fought the Cold War and risked nuclear annihilation on its own soil to keep the Russians out of Western Europe, and mitigated ethnic tensions in the region, and all we got in return was European complaining about how stupid and greedy the US is from the very guys who fucked the world up in the first place. It's a total farce and it's high time it came to a screeching halt.

Comment Re:Sorry, Google (Score 4, Insightful) 94

James Damore did not say what most people think he said. He did not say women are unsuited for tech jobs. He did not say women only have tech jobs due to affirmative action. That is all bullshit piled on by those mau-mauing him, in an effort to expel someone whose questioning made them uncomfortable.

Why it made them uncomfortable is the fascinating part of all this.

It makes them uncomfortable because it shatters the brittle shell of their enforced narrative, which can only be kept by keeping everyone from saying anything against it. It is very much a "the king is naked" situation. If James Damore is allowed to say men and women are different, the entire project of feminism shatters.

And yet everyone who doesn't live in academia or in a social justice echo chamber knows that men and women are different. If you think statistically different from men means inferior, then YOU are the misogynist.

Comment Re:Political Party explains this (Score 1) 212

Typical five to ten year old rhetoric on China. Xi Jinping has been leading a yuuuuge crackdown on polluting factories this last year. Supply chains are being disrupted left and right. Skies are getting cleaner. There are benefits to being a communist authoritarian oligarchy. There is no debate or lobbying, you just tell people what to do. An environmentalist's dream.

Comment Re:The age of Russian interference? (Score 1) 94

Look, TEH ROOSHINS didn't cause Hillary to lose. Hillary lost because she ignored the Democratic blue-collar heartland. Trump showing up doing 3 a day events in the rust belt saying "we will never forget you again" while Hillary didn't show up at all is what won him MI, PA and WI. Win those states and Hillary is president today.

It's so sad to see smart people dissolve into "blame the foreigners", the oldest trick in the book. It's not healthy. Believing in the backstab legend is what got the Nazi party started. The American people are hurting, and Trump was the only answer available other than Hillary's "more of the same, but harder."

Comment Re:The age of Russian interference? (Score 3, Interesting) 94

Look, you people are seeing TEH ROOSHINS in every post, on every thread. If you think Slashdot has any reach anymore, you're sadly mistaken. Most stories barely get double digit comments these days. The whole "blame the foreigners" thing is such an obvious dodge to avoid accepting that Trump voters might have had a point. We all know Podesta came up with this dolchstoss-legende within 24 hours of Hillary's loss, right? You people are seeing TEH ROOSHINS under your bed, and it's honestly kind of sad seeing such great minds succumb to paranoia.

Comment Re:How you know it's not the Cuban ruling class (Score 1) 299

It's almost like raising your children since birth bathed in Communism, to irrationally hate America as the source of all your troubles, is finally backfiring on them. And now that they're cozying up to the exact same enemy that has been blamed for every ill in their country, they have some rejectionists who finally have real-live American government in their reach. Whoda thunk it? Wow, that is a totally unexpected development!

Nah, blame TEH ROOSHINS. It was them! It's worth a literal act of war, one that TEH ROOSHINS were desperately trying to stave off, in order to stop the US from dominating a country they were obviously always going to dominate.

Comment Re:It was harmful... (Score 1) 299

You'd think in a country that literally went through McCarthyism, that people would be more suspicious about blaming TEH ROOSHINS for our problems. Especially the Left, they were the victims of this vile crime! Serious WTF here. We all know, right, that Podesta penned this dolchstoss-legende the day after Hillary lost the election. Right? Please tell me we know this.

Comment Re:Media Matters? Correct the Record? (Score 1) 95

Honestly Hillary would fit in great with Republican establishment like Bush. You could change nothing about her except her party and I can guarantee the rest of Slashdot would consider her the worst candidate in history and be absolutely flipping out. Imagine if her actual crimes got half the coverage of imaginary fake Trump stories.

Comment Re:I read Rotten Tomatoes (Score 1) 173

Quick question for you: when you watch a movie, do you watch the movie? Or do you watch the director moving the camera around, the lighting, think about what they were thinking when they wrote that particular sentence in the script, etc.? Because I think almost nobody does that. We just watch the movie. It could not be of less interest to us if it's a tracking shot or a helicopter shot.

Comment Re:It was harmful... (Score 0) 299

*facepalm* journalists in Cuba get a carefully presented view of Cuba. You think they're going to be allowed in the prisons where they keep the right-wingers? Sheesh.

The rioting I referred to was in America, genius. If that much anti-American hate lies among domestic communists, it's not a jump to conclusions that Havana feels the same way. They have more in common with each other than they do the rest of America, that's for sure.

Comment Re:Media Matters? Correct the Record? (Score 1) 95

I'm pretty sure paid political ads have to be identified as such, and the funders identified. The ShareBlue army of shills pretends to be normal people. That's why they're so destructive to democracy. Their goal is to be, and I quote, "ungovernable" and cause so much chaos that America is seriously harmed. It's treason from within that is the real killer, TEH ROOSHINS simply lack the capability to do any real damage.

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