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Comment Re:RTFA: the title is misleading (Score -1) 127

Maybe Mozilla should get back to producing some software people want to use, once they get online? Just saying that despite the goals seeming noble, this is pretty much pissing away money in the wind.

Mozilla is aware (and has been for many years) that they really suck at writing a web browser and html rendering engine.

As such, its smart business to diversify and try to find something they don't suck at to be sustainable.


You do realize by making up this bullshit spam and putting it on slashdot ... that you've made yourself a target of people who know about a billion times more about security than your little script kiddie ass, right?

Good luck with the shitstorm your about to get, next time post your spam to reddit or someplace that doesn't know more than you.

Comment Re:I don't know about this... (Score -1, Informative) 456

The cargo hold is pressurized and environmentally controlled.

Its just like the cabin. Heated and pressurized, otherwise everyones shampoo bottles would explode into a mess every flight and your bags would still be cold when they get to the baggage claim before you do.

They carry live animals in there on occasion.

Comment Require alternate suppliers (Score -1) 459

For any FDA approved drug or device to have multiple suppliers in order for FDA approval. Its a matter of public safety.

AMD still exists because Intel needed an 'alternate supplier' of x86 parts for government contracts and other intelligent businesses that knew better than to get tied to one vendor due to the dangers that provides.

Require the same thing here, its a matter of life or death in some cases.

You really only have to make sure that the two suppliers are not in collusion with each other, and the price will be reasonable. The alternate supplier(s) may need to license technology from the inventor, but the inventor can't over charge (well, to a certain degree) for it because no one will bother being the alternate supplier if its not worth it. This doesn't solve the problem, but it will cap the price. The price may still be 'too much', but it won't run rampant as long as you can ensure the two companies aren't in collusion. This puts the smaller suppliers in a point of power since refusing to sell the product has direct consequences on the inventors ability to sell the product.

Also, any product managed under the FDA's umbrella can not be considered infringing on any patent UNLESS the patent is covering something used in an existing product that is currently for sell to the public (via prescription if needed) and also regulated by the FDA.

I.e. if you aren't selling an FDA governed product/drug covered by a patent, you can't sue anyone for selling a product/drug that is governed by the FDA. Its not infringing if you don't make anything yourself. Additionally, the products have to be sold for the same purpose. If one is viagra and the other is tooth whitener, those are different realms and can't be infringing. Since these products are required to have alternate suppliers ... well, it pretty much prevents monopolies from happening.

Will this stop medical research? NO.

1) The people DOING the research do it because they want to. Most of them aren't in it for the money.
2) Even with competition plenty of profit can be made, if the existing fat cat companies refuse to research, someone else will step in and take their place because they can still make money. It'll take more work and result in smaller margins, but it'll still happen.
3) There is a high probability that research would be accelerated since researchers can experiment with existing technology in new ways without worrying that their work will be wasted when the patent owner gets greedy.

Or, we could, you know, fix the patent system abuse.

Comment Connections (Score -1) 108

The problem with high DPI screens today isn't packing in pixels, it's the amount of 'wires' required to control them.

There isn't enough space for the control circuits, THATs the actual limit on current displays.

Making pixel smaller isn't really helpful, the pixel density is already well above what anyone can see in most cases.

Comment Re:or (Score -1) 125

The summary clearly states that this other universes may have laws of physics entirely unlike ours.

That pretty much means it could have been caused by monkeys flying out of his ass, thats the point.

You don't get to have it both ways. You don't get to say the laws of physics may be entirely different there and with no other explanation rule out a possibility regardless of how difficult it is for you to imagine. It can't meet the same standards because the statement immediately removes the standard as part of the theory in order to validate itself.

You don't get to say 'we have no idea what the other universe might be like' and then say 'its not like that, thats silly'.

Comment Re:Why won't Qualcomm stop selling chips to Apple? (Score -1) 56

Because Apple will use Intel chips.

Apple didn't start 'playing hardball' until they had intel chips in their phones. Now they aren't locked into Qualcomm and the result is them telling Qualcomm to shove its illegal monopoly practices up their ass.

iPhones don't stop coming if Qualcomm doesn't sell to apple, Intel just makes more money from Apple if Qualcomm tries to stop selling to them.

Everything about qualcomm's business revolves around the fact that they buy ideas from others and use their position in the industry to force those patents on others. The problem for them is that Apple is bigger, better and doesn't play that shit with suppliers. (Not Apple is a 'good company')

And lets be clear, Qualcomm doesn't actually make SHIT. They allow other people to make sure and demand payment for the privilege of it.

Comment Didn't 'wipe' the drive. (Score -1, Troll) 97

They did because he forgot to delete his shadow volume copies,

Then he didn't wipe the drive, he deleted some files.

Could the slashdot crew get a fucking clue about how computers work or stop fucking pretending you should be running this site. If the submission is stupid or obviously wrong, don't approve it. If the submission is nothing more than a copy and paste from some other web page, don't fucking approve it. If the submission is to a blog which then references some other article and doesn't actually have any added value, don't fucking approve it.

In short, editors, get off your ass and do your fucking jobs or get the fuck out.

Comment Re:The Federal Communications Commission (Score -1) 205

They already saved millions with that


They cost themselves millions more than needed when looked at from the long term. 'The cloud' is cheap when you only look at up front investment. Once you look at TCO, 'the cloud' is the most expensive option you can select.

To put things in perspective: the entire FCC budget is 380 millions. They have 1800 employees, which already eats about half of that budget. Then there's buildings, power/heating/cooling, furniture, copiers, etc. They're not cheap, but I've worked on project in the private sector where more money that than was wasted on failed ERP initiatives.

As a general rule, I tend to not take advice from the guy who 'failed', I can make a couple of guesses as to why you were involved in failed projects as well, since you seem to think paying someone extra to do the work for you instead of just doing it yourself is 'saving money'.

Comment Re:More idiotic click-bait (Score -1) 173

Its worse than that.

The ice isn't static. As a general rule it flows from where the snow falls towards lower ground or ... the ocean.

Things from long ago are CONSTANTLY being reintroduced to the environment after being frozen in ice for thousands and thousands of years.

This silly case where someone realizes for the first time that it happens isn't a story, its just more ignorance of the 'new' slashdot owners who are nothing but sensationalist morons.

Comment Re:Apple gonna Apple (Score -1) 58

You do realize you don't accumulate wealth by giving it away for no gain, right?

You can be an ignorant SJW all you want but it just makes you look stupid.

People (and companies) accumulate wealth by NOT giving it away, as best as possible. Thats kind of what most for-profit cooperation are required to do based on their charter (not all, but certainly most)

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