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Comment Re:Run... (Score 2) 480

It really depends on the “type of service” For example I work mostly in NYC, mostly as a “rent a CIO.” The cost for a company to stop using my firm is usually too high to justify the savings from another firm. That is the new firm will both be unfamiliar w/ the environment and might epically suck. As we are familiar w/ the client’s environment and have everything documented we can usually continue to charge a fair price any worry little about being undercut. Now if you provide crappy service well that’s a whole different story.
You can’t replace a router off-shore
My H1B guy makes more money than me. (Seriously) Americans need to realize the threat of the talented hardworking workforce outside the US and become equally such.

Comment Re:Ignore Cisco (Score 1) 480

I'm not going to take anything away from HP, but Cisco is still the gold standard. You’re not going to have the marketability you might get w/ a CCIE/CCNP. The man has money, let him spend it, and the obsession is that it's a standard. People can trust a CCIE cert. There isn't a HP equivalent w/ the same prestige.

Comment Run... (Score 4, Informative) 480

I am a 12 year veteran of the field. My official title is Sr. Technical Engineer. I work for a small (15 person) consulting firm. I’m being completely straight w/ you. Start looking for a programming job. This is the end of my advice.
If you need to fake it for a while, setup w/ a well-respected school in your area for your CCNA. If you have no budget concerns schools w/ equipment stacks and solid instruction will beat out any other option.
But seriously, you’re making a bad career move, this isn’t meant to be funny.

Comment The end of a era (Score 1) 247

So my email is indexed, my searches are indexed, what I like to watch and listen is now also indexed, nearly a complete profile. How long until profile algorithms accurately to predict purchases, crime, disease, etc? This is the “Age of the Profile” That is to say that a complete picture of every connected person will soon be available. An interesting time indeed...

Submission + - Keeping those photos Forever 3

dakkon1024 writes: So the wife has trusted me with keeping those photos forever. And now well if one of those photos vanishes, I might be able to survive to post again, but if say the “Peru” or “Colorado” folder vanishes, well it’s been a pleasure being a part of the community. The trouble I’m finding is in designing a backup scheme that recovers from accidental deletion well. I currently do a mirrored backup to the server (Robocopy), then apply a 52 week shadow copy , an offsite backup (Cabonite) & top it off w/ a yearly archive of that data to a USB drive. There are still A LOT of scenarios were accidently deleting a folder and not noticing causes you to lose data, forever. I’m sure others have walked this road, and valued their lives, so I asked what solutions have been implemented.

Comment Re:Wow, what will THAT outlet look like? (Score 1) 335

Can you really slow charge at home? I mean honestly even if just 5% of the population was charging cars at home during a hot summer night I think it might overload our production/delievery capacity. The underlying expense to route that much additional power is going to be rather extreem. Not saying we shouldn't, but it's really not in place at all at the moment.

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