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Comment Re:That wasn't smart. (Score 1) 156

Well let's see... He claims $9000 in income. He's selling it for $12.99 on amazon.com (Let's assume $10/copy, I dont know what amazon's cut is)

If he sold 1 per 446, and made ~$9000 at ~$10/copy: ~900 were sold.

~401,400 were downloaded (Unique)?

Iet's say the fact that he charged $0.99 for the ebook version, sales would have been lower, I think 66% LOWER is a pretty conservative number:

~401,400 - (~401,400*0.66) = ~136476 'sold' ebooks.

~136476 * 0.99 = ~$135,110

Yea. prolly screwed himself :P

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