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PC Games (Games)

Using 1 Gaming Computer For 2 People? 424

True Vox writes "My fiance and I have recently taken interest in City of Heroes (she's currently got a character on my account). She's got a cute little netbook, but nothing nearly powerful enough for a 5-year-old MMORPG, let alone if we take interest in Champions Online! I am reticent to buy a new gaming computer simply for what amounts to a passing phase. Has anyone had any experience using one computer to control two monitors with two sets of input devices (e.g. two keyboards and two mice, or one keyboard, one mouse, and a 360 gamepad, perhaps)? I have seen one solution that might work, but not much information from users that I can find. In short, does anyone have any experience with setups like this?"

Original Cast On Board For Ghostbusters 3 444

bowman9991 writes "Dan Aykroyd reveals that all the original cast have now signed on for Ghostbusters 3, including Sigourney Weaver, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson. Apparently Bill Murray, who holds a one-fifth controlling interest, was very reluctant at first, not even willing to read a third draft of Aykroyd's script. Aykroyd would like to see Ivan Reitman or Harold Ramis direct, wants to introduce a 'new generation' of Ghostbusters, and believes they could be filming the new Ghostbuster movie by winter."

Rutgers Attempts Robot Atlantic Crossing 67

RUCOOL writes "Rutgers University students and staff launched a Slocum glider AUV in an attempt to be the first such vehicle to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Progress so far is good, but it will be a long 6- to 9-month journey. Status as well as other information can be tracked here. Media links can be found in the lower left section of page, among images, and storyline blogs." And Google Earth fans can track the vehicle's progress, too.
Role Playing (Games)

World of Warcraft 3.1 Patch Brings Dual-Specs, New Raid 204

On Tuesday Blizzard rolled out the first major content patch for World of Warcraft since the launch of Wrath of the Lich King last November. The 3.1 patch includes the long-awaited dual-specialization feature, which allows players to quickly and easily switch from one set of talent choices to another. Action bars and glyph choices change as well. The patch also includes a new end-game raid dungeon, Ulduar, which expands upon the variable difficulty modes Blizzard has recently experimented with. The instance contains 14 bosses, 10 of which have an optional "hard mode" that players can attempt for better rewards. In addition, the patch contains a host of class balance changes, bug fixes, and UI improvements. You can see the full patch notes at Blizzard's website, and a brief trailer is also available.

Comment Re:Adequate Reward? Please... (Score 1) 237

So... Kudos to those running the experiment. Cheap labor is great.

Isn't this "reward" added to the money they already get? As I understand it, it's not like they are doing the experiment for free. The experiment is their job and the $20.000 is a bonus if they complete the experiment. It's just to motivate the crew to try to stay the whole experiment.

Comment Re:BS. (Score 1) 640

Lawsuit from what? Slowing down P2P traffic which is mostly illegal downloads anyways?

So in essence, you say that those damned WoW players can blaim themselves for giving money to a company that uses a technology which is "mostly used for illegal downloads". Yes. That should teach them.

Comment Re:What good does this do? (Score 2, Informative) 336

I don't know about USA, but here in Norway, only the smallest cinemas don't have assigned seating. I really like this because you can buy tickets on the internet and pick them up 5 minutes before the start of a premiere and get the best seat in the cinema. If there is no good seats left, I'll wait until the day after.

FOSS Community Can Combat Bad Patents 58

An anonymous reader lets us know about a new initiative designed to help shield the open source software community from threats posed by patent trolls. The initiative, called Linux Defenders (the website is slated to go live tomorrow, Dec. 9), is sponsored by a consortium of technology companies including IBM. "The most novel feature of the new program... will be its call to independent open source software developers all over the world to start submitting their new software inventions to Linux Defenders... so that the group's attorneys and engineers can, for no charge, help shape, structure, and document the invention in the form of a 'defensive publication.' Linux Defenders will then also see to it that the publication, duly attributing authorship of the invention to the developer who submitted it, is filed on the Web site, a database used by the US Patent and Trademark Office and other patent examiners throughout the world when they are trying to determine whether a proposed patent is truly novel..."

Comment online gaming better or worse than "hanging out" (Score 1) 189

Many of the replies here goes along the lines of: "Time spent gaming is time lost doing sports, helping elders, reading books, socially interacting face to face."

So these kids "hanging out" in the malls; better or worse than joining a raid online? What about the 3 meatbags spread out on the floor in front of the TV watching Nth season of American Idol. Is that so very healthy?

Yes, sports is healthy. Yes, talking face to face is healthy, but using your brains during gaming is also healthy. Nothing is healthy to spend too much time on. Nothing!

Kids today socially interact face-to-face all day at school. If you want to worry, worry about all the elder people that don't understand online communities (games, social websites...) and haven't spoken to anyone for the last 6 days.

Comment Re:Telling you what you want to hear (Score 1) 189

I certainly see that kids should learn social online interaction under "controlled forms". My partner has a son of 11 and we teach him how to behave online by playing online games with him.

Some of his friends are among the anoying kids you meet online that begs for gold just because you are older and have more money. Their parents are ignorant to how they behave online. If they started going out in real life begging for money from strangers, you can bet they would care.

We are now currently socially interacting through slashdot. Is this really so bad? Should we just log off and go out and interact in the "real world" just because online is so different?

Comment Re:Meta data? (Score 1) 260

> Of course someone who is stripping the exif data will never resize the image and run > some sharpening over the image just to cover their traces, right?

Some will, some won't. Criminals are notoriously careless and stupid.

If you are careless and stupid, how did you remove the EXIF-data? It's difficult enough to find a good EXIF-editor alerady. And if you actually go through all the labour of removing the EXIF-data, you probably would also go through the steps of altering the image. Unless, of course, you are a photo freak and really, really have to use the raw format to capture all the details of your crime.

> Yep, this one was taken by a Canon Powershot A510 of which only 5.7 million were sold. > We also know that this particular model was either sold in North America, Japan, Europe, > Africa, Australia, South East Asia and South America. That should narrow it down.

Yes. Of the 18 initial suspects only two own that camera. Concentrate your investigation on them.

Here, I must agree.

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