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Comment Nope (Score 0) 108

I don't think people want Hulu. Having a promo price isn't going to change that. It's a service without much of a premise, and doesn't have any other business to bundle its service with to get subscribers, either. Netflix got where it was by mailing DVDs. What did Hulu ever do that people found even marginally interesting?

Comment Paranoids burying the lede (Score 5, Insightful) 222

The idiot Hal Smith, former NSA employee, apparently put stuff that shouldn't have been seen outside a SCIF on his home system. His content was exfiltrated, presumably by Russians. But now it's the vector of the exfiltration's fault that classified material was stolen.

News flash: the system was broken the moment the stuff saw a computer outside of an airgapped network. For that matter, Mr. Smith put himself in criminal jeopardy at that moment.

If the guy had been using Avast or Bitdefender, would that have made you feel better? Do you really think the Russians couldn't penetrate the firms providing those products? Think again.

While we're at it, do you really think that the Russians are the only people soaking up data from the US like a sponge? Why so much focus on their activities? You'd think people had a political axe to grind, almost...

Comment I don't care how safe you feel, you're wrong (Score 3, Interesting) 311

Somehow, I made it out of my parents' basement over the past 48 1/2 years. In the process, I got a clearance and roll with more background checking and additional ID than most people will ever have. None of that makes me feel even slightly safe, because I know it's all bullshit, really. It doesn't protect against espionage, identity theft or anything else, really. Moreover, the aggregation of key information into a single database is what enabled the OPM breach that gave it all away to (presumably) the Chinese. So some guy in China now knows everything about me, including my personal contacts and whatever data the USG gleaned during my background investigation.

I subjected myself to this, and I really only have myself to blame for being captured in the OPM hack. People shouldn't be forcibly subjected to this for zero gain in any critical way. And the data won't remain secure. That much is obvious, now. Governments cannot secure electronic data.

There's lots wrong with the system, but an ID card with crypto isn't going to fix anything, just make things worse.

Comment No, we don't. (Score 1) 311

It's painfully obvious why a national id is a bad thing. There are people on both left and right who think it is a bad idea.

Another document you have to carry - "papers, please"
Instantly used for voting and other government services to filter those who can get them. That's racist!
YA form of ID to renew
Simple way to make noncompulsory things compulsory - census responses, selective service, jury duty

Just another step toward totalitarianism and the utter devaluation of human liberty. Fuck that. No one wants your efficiency, or your supposed protection from cybercriminals. This reminds me of the old email idea response sheet.

Comment Re: Plenty of reading on my side (Score 1) 335

Do you somehow think Mussolini was the only guy in the early 1900s who was influenced by Nietzsche? Soviet communism drew quite a bit from that font as well. As such, Nietzsche being a litmus test for "fascism" or "right-wing-ism" is a nonsequitur.

Fascism is utterly leftist. It eschews liberal values and reactionary values - often using the same verbiage as communists or progressives might. Fascism believes in socialism in the terms that Marx pioneered. However, Fascism believes in a national socialism - a socialism confined to a single country, just as Bolshevism eventually settled on a somewhat similar formula in the Soviet Union until the Second World War. As such, measures practiced by communists are virtually identical to fascist measures, including police states, collectivization of industry and agriculture, belief in group rights over individual rights, et al ad nauseam.

But really, can you seriously sit there with a straight face and call a political system that expropriates property for the people 'Volk', hollows out or topples monarchies, and guarantees jobs for the public, along with all the socialist medical and retirement benefits you might care to mention, a 'right wing phenomenon'?

Please...what a load of bullshit has been foisted on the public for 70 years in the name of propagandistic differentiation between the Nazi enemy and Soviet 'ally'. The communists and fellow travelers dominating the media and academia have been perfectly happy to continue this lie to the benefit of their preferred political system. Otherwise, we'd have to brand all forms of left-wing totalitarianism - Communism, Fascism and Progressivism - murderous evils, as they are.

Comment Re:This is never going to happen. (Score 1) 318

Failure mode. If the Concorde had a catastrophic failure, true, it was likely that all aboard were toast, but engine failures, loss of fuel, etc were all theoretically survivable without losing the entire craft. Any suborbital spacecraft has some pretty shitty options in terms of failure.

The reliability of spacecraft over time doesn't warm the heart about avoiding that fatal loss of life event where people are then unwilling to use the craft. Before someone brings up the Soyuz program... it was/is less reliable than the Shuttle, which itself was demonstrated unreliable over time.

Bottom line: being atop a huge stack of combustible materials where over 90% of the mass is volatile fuel is not a safe thing and cannot be made safe, by any reasonable standard. I might ride it because I am ok with chopper flights in war zones and the like, and haven't minded much being shot at in the past. But will my mother? Would I consider it reasonable to bring a child on such a craft? My wife? No.

As a side note, the Concordes also pushed the envelope in terms of takeoff speed because of design decisions, and this is what caused the only fatal crash of the airplane, essentially.

Comment This is never going to happen. (Score 4, Insightful) 318

There is no way that this craft could be made safe enough for people to trust it. First accident, and no one wants to use it anymore.

There is also no way the launch cost and infrastructure required could be made affordable for city to city travel. Even a Concorde turned out to be unaffordable over the long term, and that was quite a bit simpler than this scheme.

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