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Comment Re:Has the short lived ban been consequential at a (Score 1, Insightful) 79

Yes, the travel from muslim countries is now just a fraction of it used to be and it will stay that way, since nobody wants to run the risk of buying a plane ticket, booking a holiday and getting a visa, just to have entry refused at the last moment.

And this has affected life in the US exactly how??

Hmm....so far, it looks like we haven't missed them any.

Comment I give up, surrounded by navel-gazers (Score 1) 223

Too bad the real-world latency for LTE,

Yes, today's LTE has that limitation...

But tomorrows cellular/wifi tech???????


Realistically, self-driving cars can't assume data will be more current than O(minutes), and must be able to tolerate data that is O(hours) old

Yes, AND?????????

I mean can no one but me understand that the more instant the delivery of broadcast communication is of road issues the better? Can no-one understand the incredible importance of redundancy? Can no-one see this clearly? Now I understand how all geniuses of the past must have felt when trying to explain what seemed like a simple and obvious idea but they were hounded out of the village of whatever for witchcraft. Only it's not like my since thought here, that the faster the distribution of current road information the better, is in any way anything but the simplest and most obvious of common sense.

Comment Facebook is the new AOL (Score 1) 35

Those of us in 40s and more would remember AOL even if they didn't use. The only time I had to use AOL was when my wife joined UC Berkeley extension online UNIX course and the professor made it mandatory to use AOL for assignments. Many people didn't use any other app to access internet other than AOL app. You could subscribe to books, magazines, courses, etc on AOL. Companies bought keywords on AOL (like company pages on Facebook).

More I read about Facebook, more similarity I find with AOL. AOL's popularity was tied to the fact that it was dial up internet provider and internet wasn't well standardized (Netscape came much later). FB's popularity is tied to it being free and social interaction by its users. Not sure what will come in future that will kill FB.

Comment Why Not???? (Score 1) 223

As for Waze, you don't need Waze data 1/3 of a second faster on an ISP 'fast lane'.

Let's say the car ahead of me registers a pothole. For whatever reason the inter-car communication link has failed or simply cannot work between our models of cars.

It records the pothole and sends that information to FutureWaze.

I now have much less than 1/3 sec to get that information back. Whatever it is (object, pothole, water, etc) I need to know in under 1/10 or a second or better so the car can start slowing down or maneuvering to avoid.

I mean think of what you are fundamentally saying here. It's like Bill Gates saying "1/3 of a second should be fast enough for anything". Its a monumental failure of understanding the possibilities the future offers us all, and what becomes possible if you are willing to say "no speed is fast enough". You are literally CRIPPLING (or outright killing) all kinds of future technology simply for the sake of what???

Comment Read my post idiot (Score 1) 223

To be sure, all cars of the future will need to communicate wirelessly, but what Comcast wonâ(TM)t acknowledge is that they wonâ(TM)t need the internet to do it.

And as my summary noted there are really good reasons why they WILL use the internet, so good in fact you have to be an idiot to proclaim they will not...

And I see you are proclaiming they will not. If the shoe fits THAT well...

Comment The summary is insanely stupid (Score -1, Troll) 223

I simply cannot sugar coat this; whoever wrote the summary is insanely stupid or at least incapable of thinking further than fifteen minutes ahead of time.

The only problem is that autonomous and connected cars don't use wireless broadband to communicate

They do not NOW you blithering morons, but are you really willing to preclude they never will????

In fact I would argue that a in a primitive way "self driving cars" as powered by human processors ALREADY use broadband, in the form of Waze to alert all drivers in a distributed fashion of hazards nearby. Do you retards really not want self-driving cars to incorporate something from a system like Waze????

Comment Why is any of this surprising (Score 4, Interesting) 149

Microsoft tried to make some Surface units in the U.S. because they thought of it as marketing.

Microsoft has ended the local manufacturing because the marketing doesn't seem to be returning the cost of the effort.

In short, Microsoft never actually cared about helping to regain some manufacturing in the U.S. They just wanted to *look* like they cared. None of it is a surprise in any way.

Comment Re:Quality doesn't matter when it's disposable any (Score 2) 288

The real question is how long these phones will be supported and what will happen to them once they are force upgraded to a new OS version. Will they still be useful then?

I don't tend to change phones very often...

My first smart phone was the iPhone 3GS.

I kept that till I upgraded it to the iPhone 6SPlus....if that gives you any indication how long they will last and be useful....

Comment Re:Bike Kits (with Free Assembly) (Score 1) 696

I suspect that there will soon be a lot of bike kits for sale where you purchase the frame and wheels separately. Quick release wheels are a doddle to attach so they could even offer free assembly.

Hm....would kind of be like doing 95% lowers for guns and rifles....they sell you a kit with the lower (that's the part with serial number that is "officially" a gun in the governments eyes)....and the jig so you can finish the last 5% milling out with a drill press, etc.

Example (read towards the bottom of the page)

After that you just get all the other parts to assemble it, which are completely unregulated.

This gets out of some taxes, but most of all, it is a legal weapon without a serial number, and no background check or other hassle from the government. It qualifies as a self made weapon and you don't have to register it, or anything. You can't sell it without having to then do the FFL registration thing, but you are free to possess and use it otherwise without the need for govt. interference..

Its always nice with government regulations, there's usually a way around it.

Comment Re:It makes sense. (Score 4, Informative) 696

It pisses me off that drivers think their gasoline taxes pay for the roads, when in fact gasoline taxes and other user fees pay less than half of the cost of the roads.

Then they build bike paths to get bicycles out of their way and expect bicyclists to pay for them.

Then they complain about bicycles rolling through stop signs while selectively ignoring drivers who don't come to a complete stop.

And by the way, did you know that drivers violate the right of way of pedestrians more often than the other way around? We need more crosswalk stings in order to get those drivers off the road.

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