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Comment Re:Google: Community Taker, Not So Much Giver (Score 0, Flamebait) 176

In fact Google is one of the larger contributors to the OSS movement that I personally know of

Then you dont know much

Or maybe could you please indicate some efficient massive text search technology released by Google under some open/free license?

Or maybe some decent OCR program (ocropus+tesseract are years behind what you get for free in windows with any HP multifunction scanner/printer) so that we could convert those millions of tiff's based pdfs to an editable format?

Perhaps you know of some GIS technology from Google, to allow open/free implementations of world modeling?

And please, let's not forget to mention the little support and even smaller cooperation of Google towards key pieces of the open source world, like the kernel, or java.

Google keeps perfectly closed his cashcow technologies, but those very same technologies are build UPON open/free software. That's the taking and not giving the parent poster was talking about.

Comment That's just a PR move (Score 1) 312

The telecom spanish situation it's a de facto monopoly (telefonica), with some other minor players to mascarade the industry as on oligopoly. The point is that spanish telecom prices/quality are one of the worst in the EU, with the explicit consent of goverments (left & right spanish parties does not give a f* s* for the people's right to access information).

Sometime they need to wash his face, that's the 'new regulation' comes in... minimal requirements, undefined prices, and of course, not now, tomorow. I am sorry, but I've heard the same lies, repeated too many times..

Comment Google is not givin back a shit (Score 1) 155

Google is using extensively open source, but is not giving back any significant technology to the open source world.

No efficient search technology.
No decent OCR software (ocropus + tesseract are still years behind what you get for free with any multifunction HP printer on the windows world) No GIS technology No JSP cooperation, Minimal kernel patches, etc, etc

Google could be a major open/free source contributor, they have the money and the skills, but they have no will to do-it. In fact, Google is behaving like any other big greedy corporation, they only do what they see fit for his own interest. The bleeding point is that Google exist THANKS TO open/free programming.

Comment Linux kernel Afero GPL v3 license (Score 1) 817

Linus should put the Linux kernek under the Afero GPL v3 license ASAP, otherwise Linux risk to be bypassed by Google.

There's no excuse to not to user the internet enabled version of the GPL license for any program that could be run on a server, starting by the kernel.

Google takes from open/free source, but does not return any significant portion of his technology. No state of the art ocr processing, no decent image indexing, nor textual search technology, etc ,etc. They are releasing only the portions that does not represents any thread to his bussines (ie: tesserac & ocropus for OCR).

The next target is the kernel, let's at least protect-it under the AGPL.

Comment Good (Score 1) 367

Good to see that developers are starting to realize that those lasts years big companies are using open sorurce but not giving back any substantial part of his owns developments.

That's why i encourage to use the AGPL v3 license for any piece of code that could be executed on a server related to internet. Starting by the Linux kernel ASAP!

Comment Re:Tha's goint to be the NEXT BIG THING (Score 1) 184

You did not read my post. It's not only about programing computers, it's all about building new machines. Can we simulate those machines? Yes, sure, but the computational cost it's prohibitive, that's why neuronal simulations are so scarce.

Read the link about Turing papers, you'll find a very interesting bunch of ideas about 'thinking machines', not 'computers'.

Comment Re:Tha's goint to be the NEXT BIG THING (Score 2, Insightful) 184

Old designs were not fully explored, ie: Turing's 'intelligent or trainable' machines. This kind of electronics can do those old concepts viable, that's IMO the NEXT BIG THING, not just algorithms (looped circuitry is not hard to simulate, is hard to predict).

The Von newman architecture of our 'computers' was just one possibility, not the only or the best, just the convenient. New hardware processing habilities, could lead to new kinds of maybe not 'programable' in the current sense of the word, but 'trainable' machinery.

Comment Tha's goint to be the NEXT BIG THING (Score 1) 184

in the computer world.

The question is: will be see the result in our lives?

I really wish so, but the succes has stalled computer innovation. Thirty years ago we expected to be able to talk to our machines, now those advances can make it finally possible. Will the industry and economics be able to adapt to make it possible in our life time frames?

Comment Stop Google before the damage is too serious (Score 1) 1089

Google is using open source for his interests, and against the community.

They are taking everything but does not return a proportionate contribution. Just note how they take the kernel, but avoid to contribute to the GUi arena. This will fragmentate even more the free software landscape, and Google it's the only one wining here.

Google is using open source to try to close the internet. The Linux kernel and basic related utilities should be set under the Afero GPL v3 license ASAP!

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