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Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 646

I was also surprised to find that I strongly preferred glossy screens. Yes, there are more reflections, but working indoors - and even with a window right next to me - I really don't see any. Sure, if I actively look, my eyes refocus and I see my lamp in the corner behind me, but it hasn't been anywhere near the problem I was afraid it might be. And this is switching from four years on a matte MacBook Pro to a new glossy MacBook Pro.

Unless you're going to be outdoors a lot, I'd go glossy. Sorry the submitters particular environment doesn't work, but I don't think it will be an issue for the majority of folks.

Comment Re:I hope they figure out a magsafe type solution (Score 1) 365

Don't stop at standardizing the connector - you need to specify wattage as well. Perhaps multiple classes so as not to burden netbooks and low power systems with adapters designed for 17" desktop replacements.

I found out the hard way that you can't use Apple's older 60W adapters with the new Core i5/i7 MacBook Pro's, which come with 85W adapters (the reverse works fine and is fully supported). It used to be it would work, but charge very slowly - a fine tradeoff. Now with the new i5/i7's it confuses the hell out of the system management controller, and makes the system act as if it has no battery at all - it sleeps immediately if the AC is removed, even if the battery is fully charged. I found that out when I packed my wife's MacBook AC adapter by mistake - which is visually indistinguishable from the new 85W adapter.

Comment Re:Because people like it the way it is (Score 1) 466

What I find amusing is the people going into length explanations about why a background image is such a terrible thing

  • Most of the default backgrounds made the text unreadable - even white, since the text stayed white with a light gray outline.
  • It made the page much larger and slower to load, which is still important for people on metered and unstable (i.e. cellular) connections.
  • It was impossible to turn off without signing into a Google account.
  • It added nothing in terms of usability, functionality - or anything, really.

For a company that famously limits the number of words on the front page and benches the time results take, this is a very disturbing departure.

Comment Re:Mac OS X (Score 3, Insightful) 467

And Firefox wouldn't work? If the machine still works for what you need to do, then you don't need to upgrade for the sake of upgrading. If it doesn't meet your needs anymore, then why complain about upgrading?

Vendor support doesn't dictate what use you can get out of a machine. I have friends who are still running OS 9 (eek) on a G3, because it does what they need it to.

Comment Re:Military healthcare (Score 1) 449

Is the VA as good as the best private hospitals? No, it's not the Mayo Clinic. But better than average? Hell yes. The VA is one of the best-run government programs.

Speaking as the son of a 30-year VA doctor, and of a 30-year St. Jude Children's Hospital doctor (once acknowledged as the best in pediatric oncology). I've seen how they both run inside and out, and the VA is much, much better run than most private hospitals. It's one of the best services we've provided to our veterans and their families.

Comment Re:This has all happened before and it will all .. (Score 0, Redundant) 668

Yup, just like the failure of the iPod that idiots predicted was inevitable for years. Now they've moved on to the iPhone - great, more shlock.

That said, Android is a far better alternative model than the iPod competitors were, but dragging out the tired, old, and inaccurate "Mac vs PC in the 80's" model is just tiresome and worthless. There are so many variances (probably the biggest being price - the iPhone isn't more expensive than its competitors) that it's just a stupid comparison to make, generally only made by PC trolls.

Comment Android did not exceed "iPhone OS" sales (Score 3, Insightful) 668

It exceeded iPhone sales, not iPhone OS, as iPhone OS includes the iPod Touch and iPad. The sales of the iPod Touch are far from insubstantial.

Meanwhile, iPhone sales are down because new ones are due in June, as they have been the last three years. People know this (and if they don't, they ask a geek friend who does), and sales drop. Just watch, they'll skyrocket in June/July, just as they have the last couple years.

Comment Re:They can if they're in China (Score 3, Informative) 385

Despite the handover in 1997, Hong Kong is still very much its own entity, sharing more in common with Seoul and Tokyo than with, say, Shanghai. They have protests, marches, and as far as I could tell the internet wasn't subject to the Great Firewall. Having been there three months ago and a wife there now, I *think* I can say that much.

Comment Re:tl;dr (Score 1) 248

An interesting observation, but when you have significant amounts of common data that are useful to be exposed - timestamps, dimensions, aspect ratio, framerate, samplerate were mentioned - then these should be stored in a standardized format and location. No need to make 7 layers when two will do the job every bit as well.

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