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Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 64

My point was, it does not affect only those who are trying to connect. It affected those who were connected as well, as I leave my computer and skype always on. The summary says that if you were connected, you won't be able to see or change the status but that the messages to individual users would pass. Which is untrue/impossible to test, because every machine I had access to that had skype connected all night long lost connection to skype and any attempt to send messages directly user to user has failed.

And your envy related jokes about the girlfriend were totally unnecessary. You probably still get to point out that you are a poor little thing do not have a girlfriend/boyfriend/dog/octopuss/whatever somewhere.

Comment Re:Fixed that for you (Score 1) 111

You're mostly comparing the iPhone from today, to the N9 from 4 years ago.

And yes, the iPhone did have a faster processor back then. But the N9 still managed to be faster, with true multitasking, even running 20 programs at the same time. The N9 didn't have a faster processor because it didn't need to. And somehow, I was more productive in the N9 than I ever was in any iPhone or Android phone.

Yes, it did have its own shortcomings, nothing is perfect.

And ApplePay? dafuq? That just debuted last year, dude. Are you seriously putting that on the list to compare it with a phone from 2011? But if you are, then let me tell you that in 2011, the N9 already had NFC and was able to make payments with NFC without being tied to a vendor specific way to do it, like ApplePay.

Comment Re:Nokia N9 (Score 1) 111

Oh yes, a large Retina display, because that's the most important feature of any phone... and a big ass screen to make it a big ass phone that does not fit in your pocket.
Seriously? If that's your priority, then I can already see where this discussion is going.

NFC, for example, only became available in the last or previous generation of iPhone and its support is limited to what Apple wants. N9 had it.
What about total control of your phone? Hmmm supposedly, rooting your iPhone voids your warranty and it's something you have to do with tools of dubious origins. Rooting your N9 was flipping a toggle button in the configuration panel.

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