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Comment Re:Already considering uninstalling firefox (Score 1) 362

And what is the problem. If your banks are braindamaged and use an applet, you have to generally authorize them to use that piece of shit Java *once*.

My bank have BankID in sweden, but for me it's installed like a plugin in the browser (it took forever for them to make it even compatible with firefox >4). That plugin calls a standalone application, probably still java but the browser dont get to know that.

Anyway, generally warning people before loading any java applet: "This plugin is insecure" is great.

You may not like the GUI, but java is not secure, you can't say that, it just is not that.

Is the standalone application compatible with Linux and Mac?
When I load an application from my bank I assume it is secure. If the bank itself is compromised then java is the least of my problems.
Requiring permission the first time I run it is ok, but once I have authorized my bank that should be enough.

Comment Re:Definitions (Score 3, Interesting) 395

If this should in any way be termed fair, an additional requirement should be that any attempt to classify a document to conceal a crime should be considered High Treason and be punished as such, Also any attempt to classify a document that does not require confidentiality should be considered Treason and punished as such.

Comment Re:Standard Procedure? (Score 1) 191

BB10 devices use ActiveSync to do mail pushes. Now it just goes over the standard 4g/3g networks like iPhones/Androids do. The only connection that I've seen be required to RIM servers is if you use their BES10 software and that's just for policies and suchlike.

OR if you connect to a POP3 email server. ActiveSync can do mail push by itself, POP3 cannot. If you have av device that gets push email from a POP3 server, some proxy will have had to have logged in for you,checked your email and then pushed it. No matter if you are using Android, iPhone or BlackBerry.

POP3 cannot push email.

Comment Re:Wow ... (Score 1) 191

They then use a very efficient communications mechanism (SMS) to tell your phone that new email has arrived and the phone wakes up and establishes a connection to RIM (all BB traffic is routed through RIM, including BES) and transfers the new data.

What you are describing is called poke-and-grab. BB Push is even more efficient.
The message is sent directly to the device without any preceding SMS to wake up. The message itself is the wake-up.

Comment Re:I thought it was designed that way. (Score 1) 191

I've read all the comments on this thread (at time of posting) and this is the FIRST commenter that actually understands what the problem actually is.

For BB10 devices:

[BB10] <---> [Your-Exchange-Server-via-ActiveSync]

For nonBB10 devices with BES or BIS:

[BBxx] <---> [RIMs Email Proxies] <---> [Your Email Provider]

So, yes, if BB10s are sending email creds to RIM, then that's huge fuckup.

My guess is, someone forgot to comment out that lump of code when they switched to ActiveSync support.


BB10 supports POP3 as well as ActiveSync.
POP3 works the same way it always have.
For push to work with POP3 the RIM server has to log in to the POP3 server and collect the mail for you before pushing it to the device.

Comment An innocent wrongly convicted (Score 1) 768

An innocent man is on trial for a murder he did not commit.
He is forced to testify and is asked both "did you commit the murder?" and "where did you hide the body?"
Being innocent he cannot answer where the body is and when convicted for the murder he is also given an additional sentence for not disclosing the whereabouts of the body.
With the fifth he would not be expected to answer nor punished for not telling.

Comment Re:They're taking the right approach (Score 1) 171

As posted above, Android 4.2 has exactly that. You can log in into your phone as two different users and have work and play perfectly separated.

So you can set up one user account for remote wipe while the other remains untouched?
BB Balance isn''t user accounts but closer to running two instances of Android in a VM.

Comment Re:Patience (Score 1) 171

You never had to restart it to get a device working again? No pushing of service books and in general it being a pain in the ass?

In my company the BES has uptimes measured in months. Pushing service books almost never, except where the user has really messed up hvis phone.
Could it be that BES for Domino is more stable than BES for Exchange?

Comment Re:at the most they can shed light.. (Score 2) 252

The Germans used concentration camps for a lot of people, not just the jews. In fact, later in the war they had two different classes of camps. Konzentrationslager and Vernichtungslager. The last can be translated as annihilation camp, and it was at these that the truly massive murders of jews occurred.
Many at regular concentration camps were political prisoners, homosexuals and so on.
I was taught about this from a teacher in my high school who was sent to German concentration camp for taking part in a student protest in occupied Norway.

Comment Re:Nazi claws vs. Swiss claws (Score 1) 314

>>> The Swiss Bank Account model is also what allowed jews in Germany to keep some of their family fortune out of the claws of the Reich. Is that so evil? >>>

State your reply after considering that those accounts went then into Swiss claws, they were lost anyway.

If Death had asked each jew killed in a camp: DO YOU WANT YOUR MONEY TO GO TO THE NAZIS OR TO ANYONE ELSE? The answer would in 99.999 % be "anyone in the whole world except the nazis"

And that is ignoring all those who either were able to get away earlier or who managed to survive. They got their money back.

Comment Re:BB10 more sellable than Win8/WinRT (Score 1) 193

BB10 supports ActiveSync. So BES will no longer be needed for email integration with Exchange.

Making BB yet another Exchange client among many. What does it bring to the table here?

It means that you can use a BB10 device in a BYOD setting without IT having to install BES. Same as with an Android or iPhone.
If they want more control over the device, IT can choose to use BlackBerry Fusion which gives them similar control as BES.
Why are more options a problem?

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