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Comment Re: Requires a knowledge of the job (Score 1) 205

Socialism and Feudalism are the same thing, with the exception that Feudalism has king/queen/lords while Socialism has community organizers.

I find Europeans have managed to brainwash themselves to the point that while they managed to rid themselves of their monarchs. They are still not free. They are still slaves. They are still extremely limited. Socialism punishes gifted and hard working people, and socialism retards evolution. Over time socialist countries will become ever more broke, ever more lazy and they will continually devalue individual life. *

* But WTF do I know, I'm just a kid who thinks for himself, moved to Texas as fast as I could, enjoys the ranch I bought, the horses I bought, the semi-automatic guns I LEGALLY own, the non-semi-automatic guns I LEGALLY own, running my own business and raising my four kids.

Comment Re: Benign dictatorship (Score 0) 205

A true Republic is the "least bad" type of government.

A true democracy is as violent and brutal as it is short lived.

In a Republic laws protect minority interests, minority rights and minority groups. The smallest minority group that is protected being the individual.

In a Democracy the majority rules. Within true Democracy there is nothing minorities can do about it and there is nothing to protect minority interests.

If you don't understand the differences, you're not alone. The US President often refers to the US Republican form of government as a Democracy.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 56

So I can say that when I picked up my "free to me" pizza, the guy printed out the receipt and asked how people were paying with cash using online purchase. I found it interesting that it didn't show up as a coupon or something, but paid in cash. The manager was holding all of these odd receipts off to the side and there were 6-10 at that point. Neither the manager nor anybody on his staff was aware of the T-Mobile promotion when I told them. This suggests there was a lack of planning at level(s) to have caused issues.

Comment Re: Nice (Score 1) 78

Paying ~$42 for each new customer that probably pays $35-$70 a month isn't diluting shareholder value the way I do accounting.

Also look at how this move actual makes T-Mobiles position stronger.

So big takeover company TBC is out there. TBC wants to buy/merge with T-Mobile to grow. TBC goes to T-Mobile to strike a deal and learns a bunch of their best customers are also share holders. How do you think the new company is going to look? AreTBC guys in suits going to be running it or is the dude with the long hair, pink shirt and converse along with customer mojo going to running it? Are TBC terms going to just enough to get minimum votes needed; not a penny more? Or is it going to focused on ensuring positive feelings and goodwill with T-Mobile shareholders/customers?

Comment Re: Upgrade (Score 4, Insightful) 982

Apple treats people like shit.

Apples is the least open and least compatible, even failing to work with earlier versions of products they made.

If you want openness, use Linux. Fedora, CentOS and Ubuntu are great.

If you want an OS that is most compatible with hardware and software, use Windows.

If you want to "feel cool" while paying a premium, then buy Apple.

Comment I promote Windows 10 ... (Score 0) 982

It is a great OS:

- PS improvements, with Windows 10 1511, PS, and VS Code the intellisense is amazing. Gives great detail on commandlets and support features, not in 7.
- latest Hyper-V is great. I have used VMware and Virtual Box in past, but latest Hyper-V in Windows 10 is now my default. I run PoC versions of 2016 as well at Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on my laptop.
- Gives you additional Office 365 features/options
- Better with touch screen
- Better task switching
- Edge browser has potential, but not there yet.

Comment Re: I would like a simpler electric car (Score 1) 243

EV owners will spend more time and money dealing with failed batteries than I'll ever spend on my car Toyota in total. I drive from Dripping Springs to Austin and pass Tesla's every day. Two on side of road with issues, both model S. I've been in Tesla Ses of various years and simple things like the stitching on the leather and console plastics seemed of less quality in comparison to my Avalon's interior by a significant amount.

Comment Re: Isn't the Model X a prototype? (Score 1) 243

It's also interesting for other reasons:

1. People paid $1000 to reserve car without really knowing what final product or cost will be.
2. There are less batteries, which, reduce the total driving range to unusable limit for many people.
3. It was called the model 3 so when you put all the Tesla models together you get s3x. Which, would be funny if I were 12.
4. And this goes to the kind of company Tesla is at heart. Tesla had 3 months of operating expenses on hand when it went out collecting $1000 deposits, which, didn't extend its lifeline beyond 3 additional months. That isn't enough to ensure Tesla survives long enough to deliver on promise. Kind of crappy move.
5. While Tesla pretends to be green, by letting people drive cars using energy from coal burning power plants, EM's other company burns huge amounts of rocket fuel to land, instead of using a "green" (or white) parachute.

Comment Riddle me this (Score 1) 44

Why do many environmentalist hate oil and diesel that occurred naturally on our planet, but get so excited about bio-diesel that takes up land and energy to produce that could be used for feeding people or other positive purposes?

Even the name bio-diesel is sideways and laughable. I'm going to start selling organic-oil, it's exactly like regular oil, only it makes leftist feel better when consuming it.

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