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Comment Not political (Score 1) 141

IANA and the RIRs have long-standing policies concerning IPv4 allocation, that they've been enforcing more and more strictly as IPv4 space nears total exhaustion. Addresses are allocated and assigned with the understanding and agreement that they will be used efficiently. Entities that fail to make efficient use of their allocations will not receive new allocations, and may even have their current ones revoked.

Intentional, persistent, complete blackouts are very inefficient use of precious IPv4 space , so whoever does that gets no new allocations.

Comment Paging Senator Franken... (Score 3, Interesting) 92

This flagrant attempt to abuse executive powers for political purposes provides the perfect opportunity for a high-profile congressional investigation. Whoever gave the order to send this summons to Twitter should be fired at the very least. If it was Trump himself (who else could it be, really?) then get the impeachment ball rolling!

Comment How much is that? (Score 1) 42

How much are we talking about here? One million dollars? A billion? 10 billion?

He currently owns about 45 million shares. 30% of that is about 14 million. At about $14/share, that's roughly $200 million.

His 45 million shares amount to 7% of Twitter, so we're talking about 2% of the company changing hands.

Comment Re:The bill would stop it? (Score 1) 128

Your wish is granted!

Quoting 18 U.S. Code  242:

Whoever, under color of any law, ... willfully subjects any person ... to the deprivation of any rights ... protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States ... shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both....

Comment Two perfectly good solutions (Score 2) 456

The summary gives two good answers to its own question:

1. Use non-proprietary, open, universal protocols. There's a reason why SMTP works so well -- nobody owns it, everybody supports it. Unfortunately this provides no path for some entrepreneur to take over the Internet and become the next trillionaire, so nobody's going to put much work into making it into an easy one-click app. You may have to do some work yourself, both deploying and promoting your chosen solution.

2. Install seven apps. This seems to be the solution that most people prefer. If you need to be babysat by corporate nannies, then eat what you're served and enjoy it.

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