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Comment Re:That's so impressive (Score 1) 109

It's the outgoing Governor General who is the computer engineer with a commercial pilot license, not the astronaut.

FTFA: A computer engineer with a commercial pilot licence, Payette was picked from among 5,330 applicants in 1992 to be one of four new astronauts with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).

You may or may not have tried very hard at life, but you sure don't try hard at reading comprehension.

Comment Re: No way (Score 1) 561

Making effort to not be persuaded by status symbols is a laudable goal, but it shows lack of self-awareness if you believe you are above such things.

You sound like the religious people who think I have to "make an effort to not be persuaded by" the bible or other such nonsense.

Comment Re:"Sporty", zero to 60 in 6 seconds.. (Score 1) 373

The vast majority of people are such terrible dirvers that even the hyper-aggressive idiots who try to make merging difficult can't keep up with a Prius driven by somebody competent. Get some real driver training (all day closed course instruction and practice) and you'll have no trouble keeping up, even in a "slow" car at half throttle.

Comment Re:a fool and his money are soon parted... (Score 1) 105

In some jurisdictions having 100% of your income from capital sources can be enough to suspect criminal behaviour (because the state just can't understand how someone doesn't have a 9-5 job that pays a regular salary).

The state doesn't understand retirement or trust funds? Can you name one of these alleged jurisdictions?

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