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Comment Re:Makes sense... if it weren't secret. (Score 1) 216

Terrorists have already used drones as IEDs in the middle east war arena to attack troops and bases. It is well known that they exploit public disclosure to improve their destructive techniques. The US military knows too well that you don't disclose tactics to the enemy.

These observations are only relevant in the context of TFA if one considers America to be hostile territory occupied by the U.S. military.

Comment Outrun the bear (Score 2) 411

You don't need to outrun the bear, you only need to outrun the other campers.

It appears that Windows will be a far bigger and softer target for the foreseeable future because most people need some Windows-only app or other. That's great for those off us who can use an alternative that's easier to secure and much less tempting to malware developers.

So if you can, you should switch to Linux, not because it's popular, but at least in part because it's not popular, and probably never will be.

Comment Re:False Positives?? (Score 1) 122

It can be difficult to distinguish between a human being opening an email and a malware scanning engine opening a email. Modern systems will actually follow links and run executables in sandboxes before releasing the actual email to the end user. What looks like someone opening the email, usually a callback via a pixel image or js include, doesn't involve a human actually opening the email. In fact, just using a preview pane can make it seem like the email has been opened.

[citation needed]

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