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Comment Re:Issue? (Score 5, Insightful) 500

The hacker community has always been full of people with a certain kind of personality. That kind of personality can laugh at Hitler. But hackers are a dying breed. Software development is no longer driven by that "hacker" personality, and the software development community now has to be much more sensitive and respectful of a more diverse population. Which means no more Hitler jokes, or casual swearing, or crude innuendos, or Monty Python references, or etc etc. Oh well, it was fun (for the hackers) while it lasted.

Comment Re:DIY Cryptocurrency Mining... (Score 1) 190

Does the energy bill compare against running a heater to warm your house, as opposed to using the mining rig as the heater?

Resistive heating (e.g. a bitcoin miner) gives ~1W of heat per 1W of electricity. A heat pump gives ~3W of heat per 1W of electricity.

Burning fuel locally for heat is much more efficient than burning it in a remote power plant, converting the heat to electricity, then transporting the electricity and converting it back to heat.

Comment Re:How to make any antivirus software safer? (Score 1) 366

You simply can not. Not Possible.

Of course it is possible. There are at least three different ways:

1. Open source, as mentioned already by others.

2. Fully auditable communication. All channels between the AV software and the world can be inspected and filtered by the user.

3. Forensic mode, where the AV software runs offline with no ability to communicate with any network and never touches a live user system, only scanning forensic copies. I used this mode for years, though it was poorly supported by most AV makers and thus a bit cumbersome in practice.

Comment Search warrant != Subpoena (Score 1) 70

A search warrant does not compel anyone to provide anything. A search warrant just means that the holder of the warrant is allowed to search, and the results of the search will be admissible as evidence. When the police say, "We're going to search your property," whether they have a warrant or not, all you have to do is step aside and not interfere.

Now, if they have a subpoena, then you may be compelled to produce some evidence, by whatever means are at your disposal.

So if the US police show Microsoft a warrant to search some data center in Ireland, all Microsoft has to do is step aside and let them search that datacenter in Ireland. (Good luck with that, US police.) If they want Microsoft to log into that data center remotely and retrieve the data for them, they'll need a subpoena to that effect. In the case at hand, the police got lazy and the court smacked them down.

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