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Comment That's what I love with modern society (Score 0, Flamebait) 282

Be it cars or computers, vendors now decide what you can and cannot do with what you buy, and change the rules after your purchase with you having a damn say about it.

Fuck Tesla. I'll go buy me a diesel from Volkswagen. They're a bunch of cheating weasels, but at least don't get to decide when I have the right to fill up.

Comment Re:Are some of these intentional? (Score 2) 48

Seems to me that a lot of these types of breaches may be intentional due to pressure from agencies who want the ability to spy on users and don't care what the repercussions are. Patch published breaches and create another one when things quiet down.

Hanlon's razor applies here: never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. In the case of Microsoft, there's plenty of stupidity to go around: when it comes to security and bugginess, they couldn't code their way out of wet paperbag - and haven't been able to in 42 years.

Comment Re:... and also think of ... (Score 1) 302

If, OTOH, many of them went back to buying printed pornography (as they did pre-Internet), then we'd have to account for the additional energy spent manufacturing, delivering, and procuring billions of additional paper magazines.

The fine article makes the point that the net has made it so easy to get porn that people consume so much more, that the much lower cost per image or second or whatever the right way to measure porn is (cost per boner?) is more than canceled out by the greater number of images/seconds/boners.

Is pornography in the digital era leaving a larger carbon footprint than it did during the days of magazines and videos?...But if pornography expertsâ(TM) estimates are accurate, they suggest a rare scenario where digitization might have increased the overall consumption of porn so much that the principal of dematerialization gets flipped on its head. The internet could allow people to spend so much time looking at porn that itâ(TM)s actually worse for the environment.

Comment Re: What specific problem did NN try to solve? (Score 1) 347

Really? So if I don't like the incumbent monoploy ISP I can just get myself a roll of optical fiber and string up a line across town to some data center that will route packets for me?

Right of way for cross-town fiber is just as much a limited shared resource as radio spectrum. THAT is why Comcast et al should be strictly regulated. The FCC's domain is that last-mile shared resource, NOT the Internet as a whole.

The big national ISPs and their stooges are intentionally equivocating between local carrier service and the global Internet to confuse and derail the pro-NN opposition. GP commenter fell right into this trap ("filing the internet under title 2" and "would give the FCC way too much power to regulate the internet"). NOBODY wants the FCC to regulate The Internet. The Internet is fine. It's the last mile that's a mess, because the giant national ISP companies are abusive, unregulated monopolies.

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