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Comment Re:No words. (Score 1) 436

Well, Systemd did exactly that, which is the problem. It kept the part of the input which was valid(The 0, thus running with pid=0) and then ignored the rest of the invalid input.

"be liberal in what you accept" is a horrible concept, because it makes it impossible to ever have a standard, without breaking half of the current uses, because they then depend on undocumented implementation specific error handling which is impossible to implement for others.

Just look at ns4 and internet explorer 5/6. Because they accepted anything with tags as some kind of valid html, all other browsers had to implement the same rules for handling tag soup,
For example: Did you know that chuck norris is a color code? (Google it :)

Comment Re:In theory, yes. In practice, no. (Score 2) 125

Funny but no. With https you can still see the target, so it would be easy to detect if someone opened a https connection to a server which the user newer visited.

But the danger is not that Intel/AMD is going to spy on anyone, because neither company is THAT stupid. The danger is if there is a bug which allow third party code running on the computer, to interfere with the code running on the PSP.

Comment Did they really run it that bad? (Score 1) 157

Did they really run it that bad? I seems to remember that when she took over, the assets now sold for 4.8 billion, had a negative value. So maybe they did something right.

Remember: They are not selling the "Alibaba" shares.

Can anyone remember the value of Yahoo, without the Alibaba shares when she took over? I do think that the value she is selling for, is in fact larger then the initial value when she took over, but I could be wrong.

Comment Re:Competition (Score 1) 78

I think they are making the chips smaller, but who really cares? (Remember: The package is far larger then the chip itself).

This can best be seen in the Xeon chips, where they use their abilities to pack even more transistors into a cpu, to include more and more cores(They are up to 26 now, I think).

They don't do it for consumer chips, because It's really difficult to sell a 8 core chip if each is even 10% slower then in the 4 core version, and there is very little consumer software to use that many cores.

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