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Comment Re:Dream up another rootkit (Score 1) 123

Sony (Electronics) has had a long history of being innovative. The problem often has been that they've had a long history towards pushing proprietary formats and devices. Some of those have been successful, many have failed to catch on, and some were spectacular failures (Betamax).

The old Sony, pre 1990s had a long history of being innovative. Sometime around the late 80s, Sony started playing the MBA game - maximize profits with minimal investment. They cashed in on their patent portfolio and fully abused their name as they reset their innovation into how to create adequate hardware as cheaply as possible. The current Sony is no more innovative than a crack-head looking for some way to pay for their next fix.

Comment Re:Ah yes, the good old standby... (Score 1) 201

My understanding is that if they "don't" make a Spiderman movie often enough, the rights will revert to Marvel.

So every few years they dust it off, release some crap that's guaranteed to pay for the movie and a few years of hookers 'n blow, and shelve it until the best-before date again.

No real care given to the character, just making sure they don't lose control of him.

I'd swear they made them with hookers n blow, or at least the results are about what you'd expect if they did. Maybe they should allow the rights to revert to Marvel instead of dragging it through the untalented muck of the last 42 versions.

Comment Re:Genred Out (Score 1) 201

I saw a headline on some entertainment website, that there are like 150 remakes/reboots in the works at Hollywood, along with a further ~250 sequels.

That's sad on the remakes/reboots/sequels.

The 'found footage' subgenre is essentially a retread of the 'mockumentary' subgenre, now that I think of it.

Found footage isn't a subgenre, it's a "didn't have enough money to pay for actors so I shake the camera enough so you can't focus on the terrible acting" distraction, a la Project Almanac, or likely anything else down recently by Michael Bay.

Comment Re:Ah yes, the good old standby... (Score 1) 201

Which is why I stopped watching Spiderman.

I stopped watching spiderman because without exception the lead actor always fell short. Or maybe it was the storyline. The frequent reboots also didn't help. I haven't watched any of the last 38 entries in the spiderman series. Just can't raise any interest.

Comment Re:Ah yes, the good old standby... (Score 1) 201

Why bother coming up with movie ideas when you can just keep remaking movies?

That's what the music industry said about 15-20 years ago. We'll manufacture music, and they'll keep coming... except "they" didn't, and revenues fell. When your drop the pretty lip-syncer of the day into a song started becoming obvious to more people, those people stopped listening to the same rehash. Movies Will have the same issue. Some movies just cannot be remade to be better, different, yes, "better", well, that's subjective, but no.

Comment Re:Pfizer and Amphastar the only option? (Score 2) 250

The ordinary Walmart product is pure enough for human consumption, as a tooth powder and stomach remedy. My example is chemical reagent purity.

Yes, but is it pure enough to be injected via an IV? Lots of stuff enters through your mouth, how much of that would kill you if injected? Chemical reagent purity doesn't necessarily meet the same standards as injectable purity.

Comment Re:To build relationships and form healthy habits. (Score 1) 140

With Facebook remembering every damned thing about us and reminding us of stuff

There's likely a reason we're not "linked" to someone we should know, and why we don't remember certain things Disclaimer: I have no idea what all FB does these days, I've never participated on FB for anything other than work related purposes. I find their interface to suck horribly, and can't imagine why I'd ever want to expose myself to that on any kind of schedule.

Comment Re:Wall of PC Diarrhea! (Score 2) 661

I'm more interested in how the author's going to relate unclean water, poverty wages, LGBTwhatever "rights" etc to pushing for the progress of *science*. Science exists to answer questions, it's not about social morality, unless you're into sociology or related fields. I'd rather see some hard-core science being funded than any "science" funds diverted to social funds. There's other avenues for that, and science itself as a field shouldn't need to worry about it. As for the M4S, you don't want to distract from the primary purpose, which, amazingly, isn't a statement about social conditions but rather about a dedication to science. Any "backlash" the author thinks they see is merely a refusal to dilute the message and we should applaud the M4S for not diluting their message.

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