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Comment Re:Another Microsoft is dying and irrelevant threa (Score 1) 223

I think people want certain things to fail, like Windows specifically. You are correct that MS is highly diversified. They have solid revenue streams outside of windows. The OS and office appear to be holding steady currently, but that can primarily be attributed to increased milking of existing customers by moving them to subscription models. There is little growth in these areas to speak of, and they would be declining if it wasn't for these efforts. Office is being forced to be more open and less proprietary due to the number of non MS devices in use that need to be able to at least view those documents. Their mobile solution has completely failed, fortunately IMHO. The XBone, while providing what anyone would consider a healthy revenue, has failed to meet expectations for this release.

Are they failing like Sony? Obviously not. But they're not owning the market like they used to. This is a good thing, honestly.

Comment Re: air pollution != climate change (Score 1) 80

Oh be honest. The models aren't "wrong" in the sense that they predicted a rise and there was a fall, they're only "wrong" in that they didn't account for this detail or that detail resulting in an error of 1% or less at this point, but the general trend is spot on and all of them agree. The only real questionable variable is how fast the rise will be and can we slow and stop it before it gets to a point that we have irreversible problems based on other theories, i.e., when the icecaps melt, it will cool the oceans temporarily, will that prevent the methane ice in the deep oceans from sublimating and releasing billions of tons of methane into the atmosphere or will that happen first and we're screwed? I'd rather we err on the side of "let's make sure that stays in the theoretical area and not test it"

Comment Re:Where's the outrage? (Score 1) 164

Not only is privacy dead, but the demand for privacy is as well.

Social media addiction has created a world full of narcissists who will gladly share every detail of their lives, and not care at all about inherent risk or impact.

This has fuck-all to do with the OS.

It's a goal of the 1984 blueprint.

Comment Re: Don't Waste Your Money (Score 1) 172

The young definitely seem to be on the socialist path. That's not all bad, nor all good. Unfettered capitalism has led to some of the largest swindles ever seen. Even medieval kings didn't successfully gather as much power as some capitalists, because their economies were directly tied to their power. Capitalists have no such ties, destroying a country's economy has no negative bearing on their wealth if they can plunder the target country's wealth.

Given technological progress, adoption of some ideas of socialism are inevitable, as is further regulation of capitalism.

Comment Re: Don't Waste Your Money (Score 1) 172

...everything popular media and government agencies tell you about Russia this and Russia that is true and not propaganda and fearmongering—or sometimes a complete nothingburger, even if true to a large extent, like with the elections. Just the fact that they could do this or that bad thing (and I can say that pretty much everything is possible with the current gang in power here), doesn't mean they actually have, unless you can show some credible proof and explanation.

I believe the proof you're seeking is at least partially provided by Facebook and Google's ad sales. Russian sources spent significant funds to direct ads to attempt to influence voters in specific battleground states. That's a pretty significant smoking gun, given all the other circumstantial evidence already reported regarding Russian activities.

Comment Re:Idiot Contractor (Score 1) 221

If I was you, I'd cut her loose and stop defending her.

Thank goodness you're not. I'm not sure I'd like the smell where your head's at. And I'm not defending her, you think I am, which only shows everyone else how clueless you are. All I'm saying is stick with the facts. You seem unable to do that. I'll leave you to rut in your sty now.

Comment Re:Idiot Contractor (Score 1) 221

Yea, I don't know anything at all about handling classified information... Of course I could claim to have various clearances for 50 years but this is the internet, I could claim anything about myself and you'd not know the differance.

I think that's about the truest thing you've posted.

This "other folks did it" is a dodge. No they didn't, not with classified information, not to this extent and certainly they didn't lie about having done it. In both cases they provided access so the archives could be made in accordance with the law. Clinton? Not so much...

You're making baseless assumptions. It's not a dodge. It's a fact - they used private email accounts for government business. 2 were predecessors for Hillary, and bunch are in the current administration that yelled "email email email". "Hypocritical" is the kindest thing that can be said for any position that doesn't take the current group to task.

Clinton didn't lie about using a personal server, at least not to my recollection. However, that aside, how do you know what Powell, for example, did or did not send? By his own admission, all 100K+ emails are "gone". We only have his word. AFAIK, Rice's emails are similarly gone. Without a dump and investigation by an appropriate authority who can determine the classifications both at time sent and post sending, similar to what happened with Clinton's emails, would you be able to make any assertion at all about how badly those predecessors screwed up. Considering their positions, it will be almost impossible for them not to have done something inadvertently.

In case you haven't figured it out - I think they all stink. I just find your particular brand of smearing an individual you bear obvious ill will for pretty disingenuous. I picture you being #3 in the lynch mob, cheering on the slaughter, not having the balls to be the leader.

Comment Re:Idiot Contractor (Score 1) 221

She just didn't care.

I see you've taken up mind-reading as a vocation also.

It's not that hard to keep things separated, it's a pain in the butt, but doable if you have half a care about what you are doing.

You would know this how? It's apparent from your postings the closest you've ever gotten to classified data is Hillary's emails.

Hillary didn't care.

Repeating an assertion doesn't make you clairvoyant nor correct.

She either didn't care enough to educate herself in the proper protection of our nation's most sensitive information, or she didn't care enough to protect it.

Oh my, I tell you three times... sort of?

Take your pick... Either way, it reflects badly on her.

My guess is she knew what this stuff was. It's not like she's a novice with this stuff. She's held clearances off and on for years. She simply didn't care...

There it is - three times true.

And let's not forget the *real* issue here.... Using a personal E-mail server for official government business? Really? That's illegal and she KNEW that too. After all, she sent a memo reprimanding one of her ambassadors on this very subject. It was the FOIA request from some right wing group that caught this and sued her to find these E-mail's...

So, you're going to go after Powell, Rice, Jared and whomever else was using personal or trump org emails for government business? You're going to be one busy fellow. I look forward to your outrage being posted. After all that, provided you have any energy left, you can hype yourself up on all the personal (non-gov) Russian contacts in the Trump administration, just in the past 3 years. Enjoy.

Comment Re:Idiot Contractor (Score 1) 221

You might want to reread that yourself. That was 2000+ emails that contained information that was classified after the fact. Also, BTW, out of those 2000+, only 1 was later classified secret. The rest all had the lowest possible classification, confidential. This is stuff you find every day, that thousands of gov workers and contractors know and have, many even without security clearances. Because the information is not magically classified by fact. It is classified by context and relationships. Which is why classified material is such a pain to work with and once you have clearance it's better to just talk about sports or your neighbors kids or something else completely unrelated to work, because even who you saw or met today could be classified, whether you know it or not.

Comment Re:Idiot Contractor (Score 1) 221

Bunch of emotional hysterical blah blah deleted.

Finally... Did you actually READ page 2 of the report you provided the link to? The first paragraph makes it pretty clear that Hillary had some pretty sensitive stuff on her various E-mail servers and devices... Stuff your average person would have been strung up for mishandling..

I actually did read it. I even summarized it (You may want to read that link). We have no idea what the info was, as it's redacted. We know there were email chains between unclassified systems, which means there should be no classified info on them. We also know that only a handful of emails with classified info originated from Clinton, and that none with markings did so. BTW, you know those pages come with markings, right? And if there is no classified info on it, it's not classified? It's actually misclassified or over classified.

As for your comment about average people, note that Powell was the first to use private email services, and he should have definitely known better considering his positions through the 90s. And where's your pitchfork for him, or Rice, for that matter. They're either all guilty, or none.

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