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Comment Re:Why do they care? (Score 1) 277

I think what they're trying to say is that the process of starting an App uses more resources than letting it sit in the background for however long. Which might be true in the lab, but when you're away from a wall socket and down to 10% you'll do whatever you have to do to keep your phone going and worry about the rest later.

Comment Re:Hard to see, except for that thing (Score 1) 27

Whatever you say, Mr. Trump. Are you able to maintain a straight face with that denial?

Hey, if I have to show you the widely reported news of Eric Trump Jr. faceplanting into a pile of manure, why should I take any of your silly assertions based on your word alone? You like to keep whinging about 'show me the money', yet you're too lazy to use a quote tag!

Comment Re:Er... (Score 1) 135

it's a ridiculous argument that you pretend your opponent supports that makes you look good when you knock it down.

Hence how a dude with a cricket bat becomes Blackwater.

As you have no idea of the conditions on indian trains and _I_ and others who have commented do

This is the third time you've brought this up, which I find hilarious since that was never a point of contention between us. Your time would be better served bitching at me about the things we disagree on.

and yours the evasive maneuvering

You'll be able to point out in my posts where I avoid your questions, then.

your lies

Looking forward to you pointing those out as well. I won't hold my breath.

Comment Re:Cripes. (Score 1) 14

Took you two whole posts to get all that out, huh?

Given your preference in believing your fantasies over every one else's reality I wouldn't want you moderating either.

Yeah, I'm totally bummed I can't wade into the sea of right wing ACs this site has become. Woe is me.

Comment Re:Er... (Score 1) 135

What, you think that Blackwater only takes a single contract at a time and employs the entirety of it's personnel on it?

Another strawman! Will he make the trifecta? Can. He. Go. All. The. Way?

my arguments are far fetched strawman.

That's not how it works. That's not how any of this works.

But you still think that your imagination trumps everyone else's reality.


Comment Re:Hard to see, except for that thing (Score 1) 27

I never even remotely implied that.

And I never said that you did. Try harder old man.

And sorry, you didn't show his 'admission' that he broke any of those laws

ROFLMAO! Didn't know you lived in a cave!

your deflection on 'equivalency' notwithstanding.

Yeah, me making a crack about Bernie's 'stolen' votes not really being an equivalent discussion point to what the Trump admin got up to is a deflection, sure thing.

You can't single people out. Either it's ok, or it's not.

Once again, not something we're arguing about.

Typical response to any disagreement with your narrative.

No, it was a crack based on the fact you can't get Hillary out of your head, like all the idiots at Breitbart. I know you voted for Stein.

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