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Comment Re:And they say... (Score 1) 49

What really happens is they are saddle with tonnes of regulations (Safety-Sh*t Mostly), and constantly changing expectation and requirements from Congress and the President. Add the politicization of the agency so now there are more Admins/Managers then Engineers. But wait there is more: the fact that they can't (READ: CAN NOT) hold their contractor to timelines, deadlines, or even what the final product is, while still having to pay for overruns, redesigns and mistakes. ( I can see Lockheed running to their favorite bought-and-paid-for congressman now: "Big mean NASA wants us to deliver what we promised and what we were paid for, wah wah.") NASA is far too valuable a resource to let Congress and the President have any say over it.

Comment Re:One company (Score 1) 461

Its going to be individual authors who, get a far better deal selling their books through Amazon then they could have gotten with the established publishers. the will start to think, hey, if I can get 50% with Amazon, far better then before, how much can I get if I do it myself? ( carry the one....) A LOT MORE.

Comment My hang up (Score 1) 403

I've spent hours learning the gimp (unlearning photoshop). I still run into several barriers and run back . And yes some have to do with my favorite plugin, several have to do with how layers are handled and just ease of use. But, I'm very excited! because the multiple windows of the gimp was just a mess to work with.

Comment Next Mission (Score 1) 256

Given the realities of our insane political systems. (Lets all change our reality instead of living in this crappy one please)

But.. given: The only mission that seems viable is sending probes, rovers, satellites to every heavenly body we can see. All the planets, all the moons, all the stars that we can reach.
Space telescopes

I need new computer wallpaper from my big new monitor.

Comment Re:howzabout looking at this rationally for once?! (Score 2) 256

>2. social security, 20% WRONG. Social Security is Debt neutral. Or should be. The "Fiscal Conservatives" keep robbing it to hide their irresponsible spending habits. It certainly does need a tweak or two, but it is not part of the federal debt. (its just owed a lot of money by Reagan, Bush (41), Clinton, Bush(43), and Obama.
Oh where is Al Gore and his lockbox when we need him?

Comment Next NASA Mission! (Score 1) 256

Televised Robot Rover Battles on Mars. Their scientific missions complete, their batteries running low....Fight Fight Fight!

No! Wait! NASA Mars Rover NASCAR! I'd only watch it to see the crashes! On MARS!

Now that is what the US tax payers want! Top notch science entertainment.

America's next top model-In-low-earth-orbit. Americas got talent-in-the-vomit-comet. This stuff writes itself.

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