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Comment Re:Love how they borrow tech... (Score 4, Informative) 398

Is is it true that it still takes more energy to fab the silicon, make the frames, and deploy the panels than they ever get back in their operational lifetime?

Although I'm sure Exxon would like that misinformation to stay popular, that question was put to rest long ago, both in terms of the panels themselves and the PV industry as a whole. And that's reaching back to pay for panel development when production was inefficient.

Video if you don't like reading.

Comment Ageism is a stone cold fact in tech (Score 1) 247

Ageism is a fact in tech. I've experienced it first hand and saw it happen over and over. The data supports my anecdotal observations.

That's why I'm furiously opposed to the H1-B visa program, maybe the only issue where Trump and I have common ground. Not only on the salary issues but for manpower. If Silicon Valley would pay more and work a little at retaining older workers, I think their labor shortage would mostly evaporate.

Comment There's radio and commercial radio (Score 2) 240

It's not radio that faces a grim future, it's the old fashioned model of commercial radio. You get, maybe, ten minutes of music followed by tons of commercials that repeat the phone number 20 times. But the spectrum will still be useful for new types of over-the-air services. Old radio needs to die. It's nothing but commercials and right-wing hate spew.

Comment I feel better (Score 4, Interesting) 477

When I switched to keto I felt much better. My blood pressure dropped along with my weight. I also don't get as hungry between meals, even when it's a long time in between.

After a year I've started to add back in some carbs but not refined sugars. I have fruit, like blueberries, a couple times a week, maybe lentils. I try to keep my total carbs below 100 grams on any one day.

Not every diet works for every person. The key is finding the one that's the best match for your metabolism. I had one funny issue, Splenda was causing me problems. When I cut that out, it made a world of difference. What works is what works for you.

Comment The stink of desperation (Score 2) 51

Most of the comments carry a whiff of desperation as ULA tries to stay relevant during a time when SpaceX is driving down the cost of launches. The discrepancy is only going to get worse when SpaceX starts recovering the second stage.

Sorry, ULA, but it looks like you're destined to become a casualty of the creative destruction of capitalism. SpaceX built a better mousetrap and you're invested in yesterday's technology.

Comment Re:LOL, crybaby snowflake blames everyone else. (Score 1) 711

It does sound kinda crybaby.

When you're getting paid that kind of money you keep your opinions to yourself. You have the right to air your opinions out but your employer also has a right to fire you if they don't like the content. That's what "at will" employment means.

Stop defending crybabies just because you agree with their brand of whining. It does sound a lot like egotistical, overpaid a-holes crying over accountability.

Comment I've seen it first hand (Score 2) 754

Working as a tech manager for 20 years, I've seen the misogyny and sexual harassment first hand. There were times I had to keep lists of who would work together and who needed to be separated. That is not a "blacklist" unless you're a little snowflake looking for a reason to be offended. That just means you have a large organization and there's always that talented but socially inept developer who has the social skills of a Neanderthal. You try to keep them on, try to work with them on the social aspects. Sometimes it works, most times not.

I did notice there tended to be cultural influences at work in some cases. I'd also argue that the current political climate has increased sensitivity to people who come across as "pussy grabbers."

Comment Not science fiction (Score 2) 304

That would be a true science-fiction scenario.

And yet that's exactly what Uber has done. Anyone looking at that business model in March of 2009 would have said that their hurdles were more regulatory than technological. Uber basically bullied its way through taxi regulations, one major city at a time.

It's a mistake to underestimate Elon Musk.

Comment Could be worse (Score 1) 158

If you're going to get a dose, there are a lot worse ways it could happen. The only thing to watch is a whole lung exposure might be low but the pulmonary macrophage in your lungs concentrate the dose as they clean up the particulates.

I've been in those buildings and worked on that cleanup. Compared to some of the routine doses workers used to get in the old days that wasn't all that large. If you adjust the cancer rate for age, Hanford workers have a lower cancer rate than the broader population.

Comment Imagine the worst job you've ever had (Score 2) 17

And then multiply it by 100. I drove for months researching my book and it was a dreadful experience. People suck. Not all of them, but the percentage is high enough that it makes driving the most depressing job I've ever had.

You'd think that, at some point, Uber would run out of new suckers to drive but they just keep showing up. Amazing.

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