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Comment I did that 18 years ago (Score 1) 111

FWIW I am in a "tech job" and I went from 40 to 30 hours a week just before our 2nd child was born, so that was over 18 years ago. Loved it so much I stayed at that level, even as she got older. And I always thought that my employers get the *best* 30 hours of my week, not the hours spent hanging in the coffee room on Friday afternoon!

Comment Cycle racing shoes to come ? (Score 1) 84

I can see a potential use in cycle racing shoes: cycling all day you do not want shoes too tight, but come to a sprint and you do want them tight.
Current shoes have quick adjust, but then other riders can see you preparing. A couple of small buttons on the handlebars and you can tighten up without anyone knowing. 1/4 second could be the difference between winning and loosing.
Also if you miss the jump you can tighten up faster, and join in.

Comment Re: DNA testing of waste? (Score 1) 177

Sorry: should have clarified: the sandpit in question is in the shared area of the apartment block gardens so we can not stop the cats being there, but would like to stop them leaving anything behind !
(We have an ultrasonic/movement detector type device covering our small, private area, and that seems to mostly work !)
Also sounds like you have a good neighbour there !

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