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Comment Re:Look Ma, No Card (Score 1) 269

I think you've missed out the bit where your credit card contains a contactless chip. At which point it can facilitate all the things you describe, without your having to give a percentage to Apple.

You could even tape the card to your phone :-)

Comment Re: Simplicity? (Score 2) 269

I wish I could attach a video of how it's done in Europe-land. I can buy a beer in a pub with a contactless card: I simply touch it on the card reader; it never leaves my hand. And I don't need to provide a fingerprint or carry a many-hundred-dollar identity widget.

The bar likes it because they don't have to handle the cash. And if I lose my card I can have it disabled remotely with a single phone call.

Oh, and one more thing, if I lose my card and I need cash, I can phone the bank and get a six-digit code for an emergency cardless withdrawal from a cash machine.

It's all much easier when you don't assume everybody's a criminal.

Comment Re:Yes. What do you lose? But talk to lawyer first (Score 1) 734

But if they renounce Citizenship for tax purposes, they still have to pay tax -- "P.L. 104-191 contains changes in the taxation of U.S. nationals who renounce or otherwise lose U.S. nationality. In general, any person who lost U.S. nationality within 10 years immediately preceding the close of the taxable year, whose principle purpose in losing nationality was to avoid taxation, will be subject to continued taxation."

Comment Re:Yes. What do you lose? But talk to lawyer first (Score 1) 734

being a US citizen has a lot of advantages, like the support of US consulate services

Being a European citizen has advantages too: Article 23 of the TFEU gives the right to any unrepresented EU citizen to obtain assistance from another Member State's consular services under the same conditions that the Member State providing the assistance would give its own citizens.


Comment Re:1st or 2nd transmission within the US? (Score 2) 421

Was the diagnosis of Sgt. Monning ever confirmed? Did the Boston Globe just forget to count him?

"Monnig was transported to Texas Health Presbyterian inside an ambulance protected with plastic on the inside. Once there, his blood was drawn. He was cleared of the Ebola virus the next day."

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