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Comment Re:He's right? (Score 2) 711

Heh....this reminds me of the old aviation story. At Templehof airport in Berlin, a Lufthansa pilot was struggling to communicate with the Tower in English, which he did not speak very well. In frustration, he announced he was a German Pilot in a German plane in Germany, why did he have to use English to talk to the Tower. A British pilot in a British Airways plane replied on the radio "Because you lost the bloody war!"

Comment Vat stuff (Score 1) 162

Molly and Armitage ate in silence, while Case sawed shakily at his steak, reducing it to uneaten bite-sized fragments, which he pushed around in the rich sauce, finally abandoning the whole thing. `Jesus,' Molly said, her own plate empty, `gimme that. You know what this costs?' She took his plate. `They gotta raise a whole animal for years and then they kill it. This isn't vat stuff.' She forked a mouthful up and chewed.

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