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Comment Re:Hard to see, except for that thing (Score 1) 30

LOL, That you think 'birtherism' is at all relevant in a discussion of Trump's ethical and possible criminal transgressions says a lot more about you than the useless media.

The conclusions that mass media and its millions of parrots are not cool. Entire newspapers have become nothing but an editorial section.

Yawn. Where were you last year? Five years ago? Twenty, fifty?

There are no innocents here.

As good an epitaph for you as anything you've ever written. Always nice to meet someone whose misanthropy dwarfs my own.

Comment Re:angry and drunk (Score 1) 7

He wears every 'bite' as a badge of honor.

Not lately. You don't settle out of court if you're proud.

Unless he lands in jail, he will make another fortune out of anything that happens.

There's some early warnings out there that the last 6 months have actually damaged his brand. It's one thing to be a blowhard and have a team of MBAs do the actual work, but he hasn't transferred over that arrangement to the WH, with the possible exception of Mattis.

Comment Re:angry and drunk (Score 1) 7

ut really, it's not like the Trump presidency is unprecedented, or even unexpected.

That is true. It was never really a secret that Trump was a boorish, incurious narcissist with the patience of a 2 year old. And it's also true that the dumb shit he does that he calls 'business' would come to bite him in the ass sooner or later.

Comment Re:Fuck Suckerberg. (Score 1) 254

Where do I get all 'twitchy'?

Well, generally speaking, that's like 50% of your shtick: The passive-aggressive cheerfulness, the short, choppy sentences, etc. I told you a long time ago your writing skills are your biggest impediment and suggested video would be a better fit, but apparently you think you're ugly or something.

And why do you single out the Americans?

Well, we were talking about rich and famous Americans until you popped in with your off topic axe grinding, if that helps.

But generally speaking, we're all still living in the American Empire. There's really no getting away from that until the Chinese take over.

Submission + - Canada's Next Governor General To Be Julie Payette, Former Astronaut (

MightyMartian writes: From the story:

"Former astronaut Julie Payette will be the Queen's new representative in Canada, CBC News has confirmed.

The 53-year-old Montrealer, who speaks six languages, will be named the 29th governor general, a position that comes with a $290,660 annual salary and an official residence at Rideau Hall. ...

Payette, who is also an accomplished athlete, pianist and choral singer, will succeed outgoing Gov. Gen. David Johnston.

A computer engineer with a commercial pilot licence, Payette was picked from among 5,330 applicants in 1992 to be one of four new astronauts with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).

She participated in two space flights to the International Space Station and served as the CSA's chief astronaut between 2000 and 2007."

I defy anyone else to find a head of state who is an astronaut!

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