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Comment Re:Misleading Title Totally (Score 5, Interesting) 591

(And i'd love to see some discussion as to why Obama chose make that first appointment, but it's kind of secondary at this point)

That's easy. He had to slap two republicans on the council anyway, I don't think he cared who they were as long as McConnell wasn't going to make a big fuss.

Comment Re:The FCC is not the Trump Administration (Score 2) 591

Obama nominated him to the FCC, not the chair, because that's how the FCC works: Winning party gets three commissioners, losing party gets two, so Obama's hands were tied on that one.

After Trump was sworn in, he nominated Pai as chairman.

And now you know...the rest of the story!

Comment Re:Flynn, North, I don't see a difference (Score 1) 68

She lost. That's "What Happened"

...what? What's this in response to? I have no idea.

Boo hoo! Democracy is hard.

Well, yeah. Which is why I don't understand why you think "vote better" is the solution. That's a desire, not a plan.

It takes more effort than setting the timer every two years and going back to sleep.

Referring to the single mother I was talking about really want to slam people like that? There are literally millions of people in the US living hand to mouth, trying to make the best choices they can in a shitty system, and you're accusing them of sleeping at the wheel when all they're trying to do is literally stay alive?

All questions have been answered.

Not even close, because your plan:

1. Vote better (aka third party)
2. ????
3. Democracy!

Has left me with a ton of questions, none of which you want to answer.

Comment Re:Or maybe you're a lying piece of garbage? (Score 1) 254

Um, Snopes is just about the least credible

Source for that claim?


Ah, I see why you're confused: Snopes is not a source. Hope that helps.

Think of it as Breitbart but on crack.....

Snopes has a comments section that's at least an order of magnitude worse than Breitbart's? I'm pretty sure you'd have to invent a new physics model to make that a reality.

Comment Re:Flynn, North, I don't see a difference (Score 1) 68

You're fantasizing again

Only if you consider yourself as bankrupt as the rest of the electorate when it comes to perpetuating this system.

Nobody will seek out a better solution as long as they think somebody else will do it for them.

Great, more boilerplate. Fuck it: To be clear then, the overwhelming minority turnout in Alabama that got a Jones win in a +28 GOP state, that was not seeking a better solution, correct? They've just elected one petty oligarch instead of another, right?

Comment Re:Flynn, North, I don't see a difference (Score 1) 68

Why do you persist in treating every single voter like a carbon copy of yourself? Do you really not see the problem inherent in that view? Do you not understand that the single mom who's kid is about to lose his CHIP insurance doesn't have the the decades to build your perfect democracy and will instead, tribally, vote for whoever's least likely to to kill her kid?

Do you really think the pensioners who walked into this fuckery said to themselves "Gee, I'm part of the problem!" and not "This is why I don't vote GOP."?

Capisce?? Yet? Probably not...

Of course not. But then again, you still don't seem to understand that I get where you're coming from. I even fucking sympathise a little. But you don't fix complicated problems with fucking willpower. If that were remotely true, I'd be Galactic Emperor, and you wouldn't be wasting your time casting pearls before swine.

Comment Re:Flynn, North, I don't see a difference (Score 1) 68

It's still a matter of choice.

No, it's not.

Your blame passing

You keep saying this. I've never once absolved the voters. All I've done is suggest that facts on the ground are a little more complicated. There's plenty of "cause" to go around.

will only ensure all those "systemic problems" will continue indefinitely.

Voter suppresion is only systemic in states with GOP-controlled legislatures.

Comment Re:Social media is only amplification (Score 1) 405

So you don't even know your point.

LOL. I know what my point is. Why you think I have to restate it to you because you're obsessed with missing it is beyond me. Have you thought about trying to read it again?

You are going to be put into a remedial education program to teach you how to clean toilets along with everyone else like you.

I know.

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