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Comment Re:No need for HiQ or LinkedIn (Score 1) 101

Just to screw with a former boss (I still work there, he's retired) I wore a suit to work (normally jeans and a company t-shirt) and "accidentally" printed a resume to his printer in his office, and casually told him I'd be taking a long lunch.

Of course, it was on April 1st of that year... did have him going for a bit.

Comment No need for HiQ or LinkedIn (Score 5, Interesting) 101

Like many companies, the one I work for monitors their employees' internet usage. One thing they track is employees hitting job listing sites during work hours. No linkedIn or HiQ or anyone else involved. How hard can it be?

In fact, it's a well-known trick in my company: if you want a quick raise, hit those sites regularly at lunch time, even if you're happy with your job and your salary. Do that for a while, and HR eventually calls you to propose you a better pay package - as if they magically knew you're not completely happy with your current conditions. I've had two pay raises that way, without lifting a finger :)

Comment Re:You need to offer something (Score 1) 408

I first wrote do something meaningful code when I was 12. When I was 14, the code I wrote was managing my mom's contact and insurance info for her medical office (this was mid/late 80s, turbo Pascal on a 286).

Did go to college until late in life, but I've been programming all along, some for fun, some for pay, some just to learn something new. Did an AS in programming/analysis, finished that 15 years ago, and recently (3 years ago) went back to school part time. And I'll finally be finishing a BS in software development at the end of spring term.

10+ years experience, check. Just graduating or about to graduate - check again.

Granted, I'm an edge case - but I know of several folk in my position.

Comment Re:Just what we need! (Score 1) 23

Actually, I see a need for something for potential students to run through and see if they are really a good fit for a IT based career. I've had too many students in the AS program I teach for as an adjunct who got into IT because "i like to play warcraft" or "i help my grandma understand facebook". Or one student who was barely literate who said "my guidance counselor in high school told me I could make OK money and be working inside in the air conditioning" ...

Comment You must be bonkers to participate (Score 3, Insightful) 53

People who choose to take part will have their name permanently on the NSA's watch list for dangerous hackers - and potentially, on some terrorist watch list, or the TSA's no-fly list also.

Stay the fuck away from the NSA people. It doesn't matter if they say they have good intentions: the reality is, they don't.

Comment Re:How I do it (Score 1) 107

I do this as well for a "Network Services with Linux". Lecture notes/summaries/examples are in our course management system, as are lists of good references and resources (thanks Safari subscription!), and class time is 10 minutes of demoing how things should work when done, pointing out particularly tricky bits and what common errors are, and then the next 2-2.5 hours are lab time.

Exams are only 20% of the final grade and are "did you do the reading and know how the protocol operates in general terms" with some (10-15) true/false, multiple choice, pick multiple answers and then 4 or 5 short essay questions. Timed, but open book/open resource.

The other 80% is labs and projects - configuring & maintaining dhcp, samba, dns, LAMP stack, postfix email w/ mysql back end, etc.

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