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Comment Re:Depends what you want (Score 1) 141

Yep.Both are close enough that I'd probably make the choice on principle of not giving facebook any money. Still, if you seriously want one now, I'd try both first to see the ergonomics and image quality for yourself.

I was really hyped about the Rift and then the Vive, exactly until the point they announced the EU prices. I might've been willing to jump in as an early adopter but not at almost a grand. If you can, I'd suggest to wait and see what happens.

Nobody knows when the Rift/Vive mk2 will come out, but MS and its partners should have some cheaper headsets with inside-out tracking and comparable video, there's a wireless kit for the Vive, and there might be some options with eye tracking out soon as well. There will also be more and better software at lower prices. In the meantime, you can do what I did and go on a vacation. Or just go outside for once :)

Comment How about setting maximum size for passengers? (Score 0) 266

The seats aren't big but not really out of line with what I've seen in coaches or even trains. Sucks for super tall freaks but the fat bastards, who are the majority complaining about this, should just put down the sammich for a while. Fun anecdote: on a recent trip I've watched a fat family cram themselves with various junk food they brought onto the plane while barely fitting into the seats. Nobody else had to snack before they brought the food.

If you want, pony up for first class and get the full regulation-era experience including the pricing.

Comment Re:yeah, tax the robots (Score 2) 392

>The implied assumption in this statement is that there is a fixed amount of wealth in the world, so clearly if some people become richer others must become poorer. Many economists, and even more entrepreneurs, would disagree with that. Wealth is not zero-sum, and can be created (and destroyed) as well as merely redistributed.

That's not implied in that statement unless you really want to strawman it like that. Nobody says that those rich people become so rich by making African dirt farmers poor.

What is pretty clear, however, is that if they shared some of that wealth with the world's poorest, it would make a huge difference to literally billions of people.

Comment Re:Emergencies? (Score 1) 223

That's not true at all, most airplane accidents are very survivable. There are of course those few you see on the news where the plane blows up mid-air or plummets into the ground at mach 2 and they have to count the passengers by the number of teeth found.

But overall, even including serious cases with fire or other extensive damage to the airframe, the survivability rate is almost 80%.

Thankfully, very few people are even among those 80%, because mishaps are so rare, so there's nobody around to talk about it. Just like with hyperloop, which will have way less stuff to fail, and the failure modes are way more forgiving. Like, being stuck for a while.

Comment Re:Propaganda (Score 1) 119

Of course, everyone is shitty to some degree. But this is exactly what the Russian trolls are using to muddy the waters. Oh so somebody in Ukraine renamed a street? Well RUSSIA INVADED AND OCCUPIED part of the country and is responsible for THOUSANDS DEAD AND MILLIONS DISPLACED. So we're totally even right?

Like, it's not nearly remotely the same. But they'll stick in every discussion about Ukraine/Georgia/Syria and try to confuse the situation. It works so well that in real-life discussions people will claim that Ukraine is governed by literal Nazis, when the closet thing to them, the Right Sector, have exactly one seat in the parliament. Russia's LDPR, headed by this nutjob has 39 seats in Duma, for reference.

Hey, by the way, did you know the Czechs sterilized Roma women without consent?!?

Comment Re:I.e. Samsung acted recklessly for profit (Score 1) 289

It's of course bad that (very few of) their phones catch fire, but meh.

Unless it is shown that they knew that there was a higher risk of fire and continued regardless, at worst it looks like they tried to make a better phone and messed up something that would've been very difficult to catch in testing as it occurs with very low frequency. Samsung recalled the device and issued refunds or replacements, so I think it was pretty reasonably handled.

Comment Re: Dear Apple fans: (Score 1) 471

Why do you assume either of us are Apple fanboys? Can't we just be facts fanboys? You tried to correct someone with wrong information and in a pretty condescending manner at that. I just pointed that out and provided a refernce which clearly explained the ruling and why you were wrong.

Maybe "stop breathing" was too aggressive, how about "stop posting" instead :P

Comment Re:Strange (Score 1) 20

Samsung HQ raided? It must be Wednesday!

Also I think calling Korea one of the most corrupt countries is really exaggerating it when the world outside of Western Europe and North America exists. It's similar to Spain and Czech Republic, better than Italy and waay better than most of everything else.

But really the whole situation is much more interesting than the company having a slush fund for bribes. An old friend of the president is accused of running a cult and influencing the president among other stuff. It's really bizarre:

Comment Re: Dear Apple fans: (Score 1) 471

That's really misrepresenting that situation, and you should know better before correcting people like that.

Apple was following the Irish taxation rules and did not break any laws. What EU is claiming is that the tax regime constituted to state-aid which favored Apple and other companies. Not only Apple, but Ireland (and the US) disagrees about this and are appealing.

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