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Comment Re:Timeframes (Score 1) 696

What if this is the expected behavior? IMHO the climate change debate is basically a diversion.

They ARE making this planet inhabitable (I say They, not We because nobody's ever been asked to make informed choices since the start of the industrial revolution), by pollution, and the reasons are very rational. Once you need treatments just to stay alive in a fscked up world, who owns treatments owns you.

Insisting on a single aspect, CO emissions, and linking it to climate change, and most of all, approaching it with taxes (srsly?), means that the debate is chained to specific aspects, and forgets about the rest.
After all the same system that taxes you for CO2 has no problems in introducing untested substances and organisms, and does not raise hell when unsafe toys or food are imported in your country. Strange, no?

Comment Re:Copyright of IDEAS is ridiculous (Score 2) 210

By allowing only trademark you will give a strong incentive to creative guys not to share. Worst idea ever.

Anyway you're derailing.
A media company caught violating copyright under current law should be fined a lot more than all the others. Not because they're more or less evil. Because

1. they know these laws better than anybody, they might have even paid for them.
2. they bother LEGITIMATE PAYING CUSTOMERS with their hubbub about piracy at the beginning of DVD, games, ads... and then, they proceed to take advantage of others' creativity? Awful.

Comment Re:I disregard RMS on principle (Score 1) 320

I consider children sexual attraction to older people impossible because children are de facto subject to so much crap that they can't express their own personality and wishes anymore;
even if we went all back to desert islands, I think consent is not enough for such acts, consent can be easily tricked out of ADULTS, never mind youngsters. So Stallman has done a shallow analysis on the problem, in other words he's terribly wrong.

Yet I don't understand your post. Do you refuse math if stallman writes that 2+2=4?

Comment Re:hum (Score 1) 147

Closed or controlled-as-in-android OS means forced obsolescence is way easier. Do you think hardware makers would keep subjecting themselves to MS Apple and Google now that alternative ecosystems cover A LOT of use cases?
This explains 3d, secure boot, acpi and other annoying problems that were not present when I was installing ppc linux on a powerbook in 2003.

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