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Comment more than just 2+2 (Score 3, Insightful) 609

I would hope that if you are in the computer programing world you understand that cranking out solutions to formulas is way more suited to computers than it is to humans.

If you want to solve a bunch of math problems then boot up maple, matlab, or any number of programs.

Doing a bunch of calculus or whatever is _not_ the reason that you want mathy people to be computer programmers. Analyzing and quantifying problems, applying appropriate algorithms, optimization, etc are all areas where someone who understands the math behind a problem can far outshine those who don't.

To be honest though I think most software devs are into math anyway.

Comment Re:Someone disagrees ... (Score 0) 167

xkcd has about 10 funny comics. I think people spam it to to sites like digg and slashdot because it gives them hope that they too can create a webcomic. Somehow xkcd doesn't rely on good art or good jokes so there has to be this third factor.

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