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Comment Move to the UK? (Score 1) 421

It has been one of the wettest ever Junes here in the UK and it is still raining heavily. When it is not raining it's heavy cloud. Although that's stereotypical weather here, it's more like what you'd expect in the winter. I'm feeling like an extra in Waterworld and shall shortly be growing gills... The problems started when drought measures were brought in to combat falling water reserves.

Comment Re:Radiation hazard? (Score 1) 684

the effect of radio frequency exposure upon living tissue (approximatly none) is well-studied and understood.

Oh really? I trust that you will now go home and put your head in a microwave oven for a few minutes. Of course some radio waves are harmless and some are harmful, it's just a question of where the boundary lies. Given that you're unlikely to have a smart meter sitting next to you all day, it's pretty unlikely to be harmful.

Comment Re:Swirly flat pancake thing... (Score 1) 412

The dark matter in the universe started with a random fluctuation field - see the pictures of the cosmic background radiation. The random distribution gives a tidal torque on matter, giving it angular momentum. As the dark matter collapses into smaller and smaller regions, the angular momentum is conserved. When smaller sub-units of matter collide together the momentum will also build up. See Peebles 1969 for one of the first papers.

Comment Re:Security question (Score 1) 257

Facebook is guilty as well - I have a choice of 4 questions - name of 1st grade teacher - can't remember - city or town mother was born in - too obvious - last 5 characters of driver's license - okay question probably - street you lived on when you were 8 - not appropriate for me. Why can't I choose something better than this?

Comment Found one in a backup containing a backup - 1993 (Score 1) 375

I found some of my Modula 2 code from 1993 in an ancient zip file inside a tar.gz file. Unfortunately that code references files in the directory of an older version of that program from 1991ish which I don't have. I do have a load of files stranded on Amstrad 3 inch PCW disks. I wonder whether those work at all?

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