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Comment Re:That is cheap (Score 0) 299

Sorry to distract to a sideline of this conversation but the Gnome thing is a symptom of a wider problem in the GNU/Linux world at this moment.

There is a war going on, a pityful money grabbing one packaged as an idiological one.

Simple said, Canonical and Red Hat are both undermining the GPL by changing the progammable environment into extreme complex beasts so that all others (not backed by lots of r&d money and lawyers) lose entrance to the material wheter it is GPL or not does not matter anymore, the entrance is too high.
They do it under a guise of having idiological Issues with each other, one backing Gnome and the other Unity.

Recently even the Kernel developers got caught into this mess, having Linus calling some maintainer of UDEV a lier.
Google UDEV and systemd to see the whole gory mess, and mind my words, this is only the beginning of the troubles in GNU/Linux land.

Comment Re:Right conclusion, wrong reasoning (Score 1) 36

Surfaces are the photo of the real object, the trouble with surfaces is that you have to calculate the deception, and in the end the real thing will need much less energy.

We would not be able to be here if nature wasn't so efficient as it is, so taking natures algorithms and paterns to solve our space/time dilemma's is not such a bad idea.

Comment Re:Well damn (Score 0) 362

My experience of internet untill 2000 was much better than the "free shit" era that came right after 2000.

No language getho's, everybody spoke english and tried to understand each other and respect each other most of the times.

This "Free shit" era also brought the worse audience to the internet, there is no coincidence that the 2 came together.

I paid through my nose in those days to get online, but it was worth every penny, nowadays I stay online only because it is dirt cheap, internet for me became more or less worthless over time, and the "free shit" bringers are largely responsible for the devaluation of internet.

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