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Comment Re:Regarding the right to not be offended (Score -1, Troll) 379

You read it in the comments in the very first article on Damore, which was more than "a few weeks ago" you lying fuck.

No I didn't, YOU lying fuck.

Maybe you were too busy lying about what was in the memo at that time,

Why do you keep telling lies about me?

as after all you made dozens of posts lying about what was in the memo

Yet more lies!

Comment Re:Google is doomed (Score 1) 379

If they can't handle someone writing a memo

They did handle it: they fired him. Yo might not like how they handled it, but that's besides the point.

the company will never make it.

Yes the second largest company in the world by market cap "might not make it". They've ALREADY made it, all the way to the top.

Comment Re:Epic bullshit (Score 1) 379

Advocating firing the person who in good faith is attempting to offer suggestions for getting more women into the field makes *YOU* the biggest asshole.

Good job that never happened.

I read the memo, despite many snowflakes claiming I haven't because they cannot bare the thought that I disagree with it.

I interpreted it like many people did that Damore was being a plonker.

His subsequent tweets proved me right.

Comment Re:Regarding the right to not be offended (Score 1) 379

The "right to not be offended" is not only not desirable, it must be vigorously opposed because it is impossible to implement for all people.

Quite so, but a lot of people confuse that for having the right to be an arsehole with no consequences.

IOW if you go around offending people, you'll get blowback because freedom of speech and freedom of association apply to the people you're offending as well as you.

Comment Re:Regarding the right to not be offended (Score -1, Troll) 379

He was asked to provide feedback, he wrote a memo describing non-discriminatory ways to meet Google's diversity goals

Pics or it didn't happen.

This meme cropped up somewhere around slashdot a few weeks ago completely out of the blue. I've never seen a shred of evidence it's correct but it seems to have besome one of those things that when repeated often enoug becomes the truth.

Comment Re:Epic bullshit (Score 1) 379

FFS it feels like we're in an alternate universe now. Going from judging people by the "content of their character" rather than the "color of their skin", we've now institutionalized "diversity" initiatives that insist we diversify and include people based on their immutable characteristics, but exclude people based on their thoughts and ideas.

I'm not exactly sufre what you're saying here. Isn't excluding people based on their thoughts and ideas precisely juding people by the content of their character?

And are you saying that's a good thing or a bad thing?

Sucks to be a gay black conservative nowadays.

It always did.

Comment Re:Google is misguided, I am afraid! (Score 1) 72

Let them fix Android first. Let them make it near flawless first. What's wrong with that approach?

Well... yes.

Android doesn't need a new kernel. The Android system is generally much, much worse than the underlying kernel. It took them years to have anything apparoaching reasonably latency for audio on Android (sub 0.1 seconds, suitable for games). The linux APIs (both OSS and ALSA) have supported that forever.

They went through something like 4 revisions of the BLE API becaue who the fuck knows why.

Why can't Google first make a credible MS Office replacement

Because as far as I can tell it's written by people who used Office a couple of times at school, but beyond that they don't know about document systems, don't care and don't really use it themselves.

Oh and: making it depend on an internet connection. Brilliant!!

Imagine you're at a keynote at a conference (using google slides), and the wifi goes to shit because you aren't on the google campus, you're in a large room that 800 people have just piled into and who also want wifi.

Yes, google have invented a whole new way for videos to not play at conferences, just after all the other ones were fixed.

I saw that happen to a google employee. Poor guy, has to eat the company dogfood and it crapped out in a really embarressing way.

Comment Re:Scaring (Score 1, Troll) 338

I thought the entire point of Anthropomorphic Global Climate Change was to scare us?

If you think that you're stupid. And by this point there are no rational arguments which would penetrate your skull, so I won't waste the pixels.

And that any attempt to minimize the fear was being a denier of settled science?

You have no expertise and you're being contrarian against the vast majority of experts because because it disagrees with your "viewpoint".

You're not smart, you're foolish.

Anyway, mod me down if you wiah, I have karma to burn.

Comment Re:My god, who did this redesign? Kennedy? Johnson (Score 1) 113

As I said, the offended fan base cut across multiple races, both genders, and all age groups.

You repeat yourself. The fans dedicated enough to rant on youtube are an irrelevancy in terms of audience size.

It also included people with poorly trimmed beards who you keep attacking.

True neckbeardery is a way of life, not a(lack of) grooming technique.

Missing the mark by 800 million is not "within a hair".

I said it'll end within a hair of being their second highest grossing film ever. Not bad at all!

The point on fisher is they gave the character a "meh" death (seriously rolling Holdo into Leia and giving Holdo's death to Leia would have been better.) and then backtracked on it in a really dumb way.

Or you know they didn't give her a death.

It would have been an exit for the character. Instead now she'll either vanish or die between films. It was a dumb editing choice on their part.

Given she died shortly after filming, that would hav ebeen a hard editing job.

Comment Re:Swedes try product because of marketing (Score 1) 406

I get mice in the house, I kill them. And before you get all weepy eyed, and city-dweller outraged,

Well this shows just how out of touch you are with city dwellers. We have lots of mice in the city too. And rats. Likely more rats than you country dwellers. And we put down traps and kill them if they come in our houses.

Comment Re:No, No its not.. (Score 1) 534

Yet you're talking the time to comment on it now.

Banging out a quick reply to a stupid post takes a couple of minutes. Wading through pages of poor references and logical fallacies takes hours.

If you want to ignore it, ignore it.

I looked at the beginning and it was nothing but bias and slant. Why should I waste time wading through the rest just in case it isn't?

Comment Re:For the right user, perfect (Score 1) 152

Huh OK, I stand corrected.

Interestingly, on the upper end, the difference is less dramatic. Presumably that's because such a big margin would make the laptops simply too expensive and seriously hurt sales.

Though the ideapad is a bit heavier. I have a bad back and value light weight very highly. The bottom end Carbon X1 at 2.5lb and 180G flash is CAD 2200.

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