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Comment Re:$250K is the definition of the evil 1% (Score 0) 486

Yeah, that was my first thought, when did $250K a year define you as rich?

Sure in many parts of the US, that is a lot of money and you can live comfortably...but not excessive.

But in other parts, that is NOT a high salary....especially in the larger metropolitan areas on the east and west coast.

Well, median salary in Seattle is 80k, so yeah, I think if you're making 250k you're doing ok and making substantially more than the average.

Previously at least there's no state income tax in WA, so let's say after deductions etc, your federal income tax rate is around 30%. Let's round it up to 35% to cover other random deductions. Hell, even 40% to be ridiculously safe.

250k minus 40% taxes/social security/medi*/health insurance/etc = 150k take home.

Going by the old rule of thumb, 1/4 of your take home pay to pay for housing is up to 37.5k a year or $3100 a month. That should cover you buying a home that's somewhere around 600k-800k+.

150k take home - 37.5k a year for housing leaves you with $112,500 for food, transportation, creature comforts, saving, retirement, etc.

Why not order a maxed out Tesla Model S (160k) why you're at it. That'll cost you about $2400/mon.

Now you're down to $83,700.

Utilities for that big house and electric car--$600/mon?

Let's say food and drink costs on average $100 a day, 365 days a year.

$40,000 of pretty much totally disposable "fuck you" money AFTER spending lavishly on car, housing, and food. That right there is close to the median salary in many states.

I'd say that counts as rich. Not NBA superstar or Hollywood moviestar rich (many of whom, it should be noted, borrow huge amounts of money and go bankrupt), but yeah, you're a 1%%er.

* and if you actually spend money frugally or even not lavishly you could have a lot, lot more disposable cash.

Comment Fact right, conclusion wrong. (Score 1) 409

Prion diseases spread via cannabalism.

That's a very recent bit of knowledge, and one that was not available for most of history - yet we still didn't eat each other. Even the most ignorant and isolated peasants didn't do it. Try again. This time, think about empathy.

Comment No, it's not been about prions (Score 1) 409

No, we don't eat humans because that is really unhealthy. Stuff like prions are problematic.

This is true - but we didn't know that until very recently. And it's not why we don't eat each other; resistance to doing that has been in place for longer than anyone remembers, free of knowledge or common experience with consequences to health. Free enough, in fact, that cannibalism keeps showing up in various forms, just as do other unhealthy but socially disfavored practices such as bloodline incest. There's been no inherent knowledge of the unhealthy nature of the act until someone actually engages in it, which, being very rare, hadn't been in the general knowledge base of the people until very recently.

Avoidance of cannibalism has been about empathy, primarily. For the victim, for the victim's relations. Knowledge about prions is, relatively speaking, a brand new factor. In one sense, it's good we know; in another, we don't have to, as cannibalism represents an obvious failure of empathy, a critical factor in healthy socialization, and the vast majority of people integrate the idea without needing a medical justification.

Also, just as an aside, there are plenty of red health flags WRT eating meat of other species. That should be sufficient to start up several relevant chains of thought that support what I've described here.

Comment Re: Who'd a Thunk? (Score 1) 355

No you idiot, he's saying that, statistically speaking, if you picked someone at random, you'd pick someone not of your own race. The fact that most couples are not mixed race shows that most people still use race as a major criteria in picking a mate. Which is fine, it's not just white folks making that decision, it's that everyone prefers their own race and yes, that makes everyone a little bit racist, as the puppets in "Avenue Q" will tell you.

Comment Re:Who'd a Thunk? (Score 2, Insightful) 355

Oh bullshit, white guys are still have more power and prestige in society than anyone else. Whining about how hard it is being a white guy makes you look extremely childish. And that fat white buffoon on the TV? He will always have a hot young wife. Oh look at that, the white guy is uncomfortable with mixed race couples and thinks there are too many of them on TV. Color me shocked.

Comment Here's the point... (Score 1) 409

What's the point... ...when you have perfectly good animals that are already made out of food?

You're an animal. A perfectly good one. Made out of food. But we don't eat you. Why? Because we respect the life and potential and feelings you represent, and find the idea of causing you pain, or harm, or loss of life, to be repugnant.

Some of us extend that to other animals. Consequently, we don't want to eat those other animals any more than we want to eat you.

For us, "clean meat" as TFS has it, is very welcome.

So that's the point.

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