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Comment Re:Hate to State the obvious but... (Score 1) 141

what about things like the Great Firewall of Britain where there is a super secret list of blocked sites and we don't know for sure if they're blocking access to web articles critical of our 'glorious' Tory party or revealing embarrassing information on what they are really doing to us and the rest of the world... they put it up under the guise of protecting us from porn and kiddie porn...

Comment Re:I'd really like to see this work out... (Score 1) 94

strips have a short shelf life

nope... got another year left on the strips I bought last summer (big job lot, got a nice discount)...

machines eat batteries

Nope, have only had to change the CR2032 battery annually in the four years I've been using my meter... I use at least six strips a day as well

I use the SD Codefree meter... simple and cheap to run as well.

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