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Comment Re: Fake News (Score 4, Insightful) 278

No woman I've asked likes the way brown diamonds look- even if you call them "chocolate".

The weird thing is, I can't imagine why anyone would like a plain diamond. It just looks like glass. Rubies, emeralds and sapphires are colorful and can compliment ones eyes, or clothes or accessories, while diamonds just don't attract attention. Unless there's a dozen of them, in which case you're bankrupt.

Of course, I'm just a man and I wouldn't understand anything a woman wants.

Comment I trust them to do the right thing (Score 1, Interesting) 225

I've already seen a bunch of posts mourn the whole bunch of addons that will stop working end of this year. Probably, I'll lose some myself.

But personally, I trust Mozilla to do the right thing here. They've probably weighed the pros and cons, and made their decision. I'll see what the end result is. There's enough browsers to choose from nowadays.

Firefox has some unique things why I use it, first and foremost "search in links". Try it, tap the single-quote key and type text that appears in a link. Then hit enter. It's the fastest way to surf the web without a mouse.

But if end of this year comes and it turns out they screwed it up, fine -- I'll go and use another browser.

Comment Time (Score 1) 197

For some reason, I simply don't make the time to really dive into certain subjects. With a conference, I often come to the US and leave the family in Europe. So there's nothing else that draws away the focus. Lots of times with iOS conferences, you can book a day with an intensive workshop before the talks start, and that's really nice as well.

Comment Re:Walk before you run (Score 1) 267

The GFXBench test is largely irrelevant as that is testing the GPU, not the CPU.

Yes, if we're talking about the CPU then it's not relevant.

However for real world usage in a laptop, it's very relevant. The current crop of 15" MacBook Pros has a discrete GPU. Why? Because Intel's integrated GPU can't handle big external 4K or 5K displays. The discrete GPU sucks up the battery so obviously you'd rather the integrated GPU handles everything. But from what I understood, Intel no longer has a clear roadmap for their integrated GPU. With the A9X chips showing they easily beat Intel's Iris/HD stuff, I hope this lights a fire under Intel's butt.

A9X has nearly double the raw clock speed, and barely beats intel on one test, but loses on the others. This isn't exactly a roaring endorsement.

You can't compare clock speeds like that. What it comes down to, is what can it do within the thermal envelope.

Comment Re:Walk before you run (Score 1) 267

And it is an m-processor that has been intentionally crippled to be slow and use little power.

What do you mean crippled? It's a fine CPU for the thermal constraints of the 12" retina Macbook.

If you're saying that the A9X can only keep up with an m-processor, and not with Intel desktop class stuff, then sure I totally agree.

Comment Re:Walk before you run (Score 5, Interesting) 267

ARM has only been doing 64-bit out-of-order execution and branch prediction for two generations

In a single-core benchmark, Apple's A9X @ 2.25 GHz already defeats Intel's 1.3 GHz Core M7 CPU.

The idea is not to compete with a desktop Xeon but instead, to nibble at Intels feet at the bottom end. Check out this 2016 benchmark between the 12" MacBook (Intel @ 1.3 GHz) and the 12.9" iPad Pro:

GeekBench 3 single-core, higher is better:
MacBook Intel @ 1.3 GHz: 3194
iPad Pro: 3249

GeekBench 3 multi-core, higher is better:
MacBook Intel @ 1.3 GHz: 6784
iPad Pro: 5482

GFXBench Metal, more FPS is better:
MacBook Intel @ 1.3 GHz: 26.1 FPS
iPad Pro: 55.3 FPS

JetStream javascript benchmark, higher is better:
MacBook Intel @ 1.3 GHz: 175.68
iPad Pro: 143.41

Comment There's a reason (Score 4, Insightful) 97

Ninety percent of all bad reviews was about the fact that a crash occurred if you connected/disconnected with the lid closed.

They fixed that bug in the latest macOS update. It came out yesterday. Basically all the reviews wouldn't make sense anymore.

I'm not saying it's a good reason, but I'm guessing that's the thinking in the apple mothership.

Comment Re:I'd love it except I have a kid (Score 2) 91

Are you some kind of fucking moron?

That is a great question -- "am I some kind of fucking moron" and I'd say it entirely depends on what you mean by "fucking" and "moron", for instance If one would interpret these two terms in the best possible light, perhaps while laughing out loud as a compliment to a joke well made, with a slap on the back, at the pub, after a good evening of dozens of locally brewn pilsners, then by all accounts I'd be delighted to be called a fucking moron and I'd gladly take it with a prize for the longest fucking sentence.

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