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Comment Debugging and password manager (Score 1) 284

I expected more, but in principe it's not bad.

When you start debugging in Xcode, the TouchBar changes and you get buttons for step in/over/out, plus continue running. However since I consider myself in the high-risk RSI category, I use an external keyboard (Kinesis Freestyle 2) and I know the shortcut keys by heart now, but that took a loooong time since I'm not in the debugger every day.

TouchID: In and of itself, it's not bad either. However when you use a password manager, it goes from bad to great because you use it ALL the time.

I do agree with the writer of the article about the new iMac Pro. Why didn't that new external keyboard with touchbar and fingerprint reader? I hope it's some technical/safety reason, because I think it's weird that for such a machine, this tech isn't included.

I'd love TouchID to work on my Linux servers, in combination with sudo. I mean why not? Very convenient.

Comment Re:Alternative: stop rotting brain (Score 1) 421

Yeah, I have to admit that my comment was a bit flippant. Who cares what someone else watches, right? However check out this quote from the article:

But! Sling Orange and Sling Blue have different channel lineups (ESPN is on Orange, not Blue, while Orange lacks FX, Bravo and any locals). For full coverage, you can subscribe to both for $40. But! Have kids? You'll want the Kids Extra package for another $5 per month. Love ESPNU? Grab that $5 per month sports package. HBO? $15 per month, please. Presto, you're up to $65 per month.

Maybe it's me, but that whole paragraph exudes something hopeless. It's probably me, though.

Comment Switch off implant every now and then (Score 1) 91

Quote from the summary: "For those who reach a point where hearing aids no longer help, this is the only solution"

Seriously, if it wasn't invasive surgery, I'd consider an implant.

My lovely wife's thinking process is somehow hardwired to her vocal chords. And my young daughter thinks talking is the most amazing discovery of mankind. Then there's my employer, who saves money by putting 30+ people in a giant open office.

I'd LOVE to be able to turn down the volume of the whole motherfucking world. No matter how much noise you create, I could always turn down the volume.

Comment Average consumers should run macOS or ChromeOS (Score 1) 159

I love Linux and use it on my servers. Just so you know I'm not a rabid, metrosexual Apple fanboy. That said, on the desktop, I use macOS and on the couch, I've used a Chromebook. I've come to the conclusion that a lot of (but not all) problems can be avoided if the average consumer would just get a MacBook or a Chromebook.

Nothing wrong with Windows (I use it on my media PC) but you simply have to "keep driving on the regular highways". And that's just too much to ask from a regular consumer.

Comment Fairphone (Score 4, Interesting) 48

However, the sad truth is that it looks like there is no business case anymore

I'm not so sure. Yesterday, a female coworker showed me her Fairphone, then proceeded to completely disassemble it, right in front of my eyes. I couldn't contain my enthousiasm, but it was very remarkable. She told me she bought the phone then a couple of months in, dropped it and broke the screen. She ordered a new screen and replaced it herself.

The Fairphone is an Android phone which you can disassemble with your fingernails and a small Phillips. So maybe it's not strictly and completely open source, but it's incredibly easy to repair and replace parts of it. The components are free of rare earth metals that were dug out by horrible exploitive companies. The only exploitation here is done on your data, by Google.

Comment Intel losing to ARM, not just on mobile (Score 4, Informative) 117

Basically Intel is losing to ARM. But not just on mobile. They're also in trouble for tablets, and desktops are going to get real close. Bare Feats regularly does comparative synthetic benchmarks between Apple's tablets (ARM) and laptops (Intel). Last time was in June: http://barefeats.com/ipadpro20...

Below, Intel means 3.5GHz Dual-Core i7 processor + Iris Plus Graphics 650 GPU. And ARM means Apple's ARM-based 2.39GHz A10X processor. As you can see, these tablets are getting really close to laptop performance.

Single-Core (highest=fastest):
Intel: 4650
ARM: 3951

Multi-Core (highest=fastest):
Intel: 10261
ARM: 9332

GPU compute score (highest=fastest):
Intel: 26353
ARM: 27814

GFXBench Metal Manhattan (highest=fastest):
Intel: 37 FPS

I for one, am really happy. Intel has needed some competition desperately. Now there's AMD, and there's ARM, and we as the consumers are getting more and better options.

Comment VPN (Score 1) 282

"We have information leading us to believe that the IP address xx.xxx.xxx.xx was used

Really? That happens to be the IP address of my VPN provider.

Seriously, if you torrent anything, get a decent VPN provider. Makes things so much simpler. Be sure to pick one that offers a SOCKS proxy. If the VPN fails, then your bittorrent client is still covering your ass using the proxy.

Oh, and don't use Deluge. It ignored proxy settings for many, many years, exposing its users to law enforcement:

Comment Cool (Score 5, Funny) 180

I can already picture the scene. We're getting some sort of hybrid human/cam cop. The body cam will give constant instructions.

Cop at side of road: *holds up his hand*
You: *brake, roll down window*
You: "Uh hi officer"
Cop: "Hi, nothing to worry about, but I just wanted to tell you that your left brake lig"
Cop: *covers body cam* "Sorry, sometimes it malfunctions"
Cop: "Sir, please step out of the car" *unholsters*
You: "I'm just on my way to pick up the kid from daycare"
Body cam: "KILL KILL KILL"

Comment Kids (Score 5, Funny) 147

"If you don't feel rejuvenated and keen to face Monday after two work-free days, there might be a reason: You're doing your weekend wrong,"

That, or you have kids.

Instead, the weekend goal should be "eudaimonic" happiness

No, the goal should be to buy condoms and build a time machine.

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