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Comment Re:Poor (Score 3, Interesting) 679

The restaurants in the article are hipster restaurants in New York City, so the poor aren't going to be eating there any way.

Little bit of a hipster ourselves, aren't we?

When I was younger and a single parent, my grandmother gave us $20. We dressed up and I took my daughter to a good restaurant. I paid with that cash.

How pompous does one have to be to exclude someone visiting a nice establishment appropriately dressed just because they have a low income?

Comment Re:True - UFOs or whatever -- we are not alone (Score 2) 300

Others like some of us, know there is more.

And yet, all we ever get is "trust me".

Even the smallest of measurements that technology today cannot measure does not prove non-existence.

Not even making an attempt to disprove. Jes' waitin' around for some evidence. Got some you can share?

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