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Comment Re:Sounds plausible (Score 0) 169

Makes sense that it could, by proximity of function, alter your brain's perception of other people's pain.

No it doesn't. "proximity of function" is a nonsense phrase. Try explaining that in biological instead of social science terms.

Comment Re:I don't think so. (Score 1) 308

When you can tell your digital home assistant to turn your lights on and off, a toaster that isn't connected will seem out of place.

Then *those* people will buy connected devices. The remaining hundreds of thousands of houses w/o said DHA will not give a crap. How, pray tell, are you going to go about jamming those DHA's into those hundreds of thousands of houses?

Comment Re:Technology -- Wars? (Score 1) 472

Rhetoric from a mold. Those are false statements but they fit the writer's narrative. If there's any answer to your question forthcoming at all it will be something along the lines of the technology available to the aggressor allowed it to start. Ignoring of course all the political and social crap which actually started it and the fact that the aggressor(s) had no problem starting things with lesser technology previously.

'Cause, narrative.

Comment Re:This sounds very ... Familiar (Score 1) 472

Bzzt!! Incorrect. I know a number of working families with one income that earn enough to live just fine. What inflated those hours is peoples' desire for more stuff. Those households I mentioned aren't loaded with lots of unnecessary crap. Hence their ability to live comfortably on less.

Comment Re:I don't think so. (Score 1) 308

I just checked WalMart. Their low-end toaster is EIGHT FRIGGIN' DOLLARS. That's for two slices, the four slice model is seventeen. Do you seriously think a toaster with the necessary circuitry and software to connect will cost the same? *Much* less that to gather the data you're implying. Check out the prices of a simple USB wifi connector. Now add that to the price of the low-end two slice model and buy yourself the four slice model w/o wifi.

Comment Re:Climate always changes (Score 1) 156

And so far, all of the major catastrophes on this planet had a devastating effect on whatever animal was the top dog back then. Simply due to them needing vast amounts of resources for survival, and resources being scarce during catastrophic times.

Those vast amounts of resources were prey animals, which we don't require. We are not like those animals. We, for instance, have technology. If we ran around on all fours killing things with our teeth I would agree with you, but we are nowhere near that type of animal.

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