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Comment Public keys (Score 1) 209

Public key cryptography has been the solution for a long time, we've just shot ourselves in the feet by not implementing it on the client side.

Client-side certificates for instance, SSH keys, PGP/GPG keys -- they're all examples of public key cryptography that works to secure data and requires the user to only remember one good password instead of many.

Comment Re:IMHO (Score 1) 176

Okay ... so help yourself out. Do a cursory study of software written by people with and without a good elitist education in computer science and mathematics and tell me whether their software is *better* than that of those like you who do not have such a background.
Importantly to me, is it less buggy and does it have fewer security problems?
Teaching yourself to do basic coding is great, but learning how to write *good* code is a whole other thing.

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