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Comment Re:The Discovery channel? (Score 1) 103

Yes there are some corny aspects to the show but you should watch a different episode. I recommend the Amazon episode where people are just breaking down and throwing in the towel (if they had one). There are some interesting things to learn by observation. Some of the things I've learned are:

How much I take the following for granted.






shelter from elements and more importantly bugs/animals/wildlife.

how hard it is to hunt with sticks, spears, traps (if you have the knowledge)

how knowledge of plants can ease the prospect of infection/pain.

how quickly your health can go down hill without clean water.

what it looks like when you don't get a proper caloric intake. They do a time lapse at the end of the show.

how fighting with your partner can make a bad scenario get worse. plus a lot more stuff I can't recall at the moment.

Submission + - Warner asserts privlege for Summy-Birchard/ASCAP Happy Birthday Song Letters ( 1

xclr8r writes: It has been roughly over a year since the Good Morning To You Productions Corp. et al. v. Warner/Chappell Music Inc. et al., lawsuit was filed (case number 2:13-cv-04460). A development in the case has come about concerning the status of some letters between Summy-Birchard, alleged rights holder for the song in the late 70's, and ASCAP. The letters in question supposedly "detail the history and status of the copyrights." and Warner is claiming these are protected under attorney-client privilege. The judge is taking arguments into consideration from both sides regarding the status of these letters originating from the no longer existing law firm but it is reported that he is "leaning towards granting Warner's request that it be ruled protected.". Note: The register pop up for law360 can be closed by clicking the x.

Comment Re:New Headlines (Score 1) 128

The shortage on experienced facilitators is nothing new. back in the day 80's/90's I kept having to explain what 'en passant' was and pull it up in the chess manuals to inform the adults that yes this was a legal move. At least my own chess club facilitator was keen on learning something new and distributed the knowledge to the rest of the club.

Comment Dream Theater (not the band) (Score 1) 310

1. What is the most unusual location you have written a program from?
Underneath a theatrical stage

2. What is the most unusual circumstance under which you have written a program?
Same place with a raccoon staring at me.
No knife, but I think I would have been less scared if had one like the 'possums in this skit . At least the knife won't have rabies

3. What is the most unusual computing platform that you wrote a program from?
The "Whole Hog" Lighting console.

4. What is the most unusual application program that you wrote?"
not an application per se but programming the lighting cycles for a penguin exhibit. Not difficult at all but the need for accuracy was vital.

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