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Comment Fascinating (Score 1) 213

It seems the goggles and glove VR dreams of 15 years ago are being replaced with AR devices that are smaller and smaller. Makes me wonder however if it would be self-contained (unlikely) or have to communicate with some hardware either broadcasting near your location or probably worn on your person somewhere.
The only added feature that I would want for something like this is for it to work also as a corrective lens. Or else those of us without perfect sight are well... left in the dark.

Comment Maybe they should tie them to thier wrists (Score 1) 117

Nine out of Ten lost or stolen in the UK? I have to wonder if seeing abandoned laptops laying around is commonplace there. I don't think I have ever seen a "lost" computer just waiting for me to pick it up. There must be something about the culture that only 10% of the population can keep track of their gadgets. I am reminded of people you see on the beach with metal detectors trying to find lost and dropped jewelery and coins. I may have to make a trip to the UK and ride trains looking for discarded hardware.

Submission + - GoDaddy wants your root password (

Johnny Fusion writes: "The writer of the Securi Security Blog had a an alarming awakening when a honeypot on port 22 on a GoDaddy hosted VPS recorded login attempts using his GoDaddy username and password and even an attempt to login as root. It turns out the attempt was actually from within GoDaddy's network. Before he could "alert" GoDaddy about the security breach, he got an email from GoDaddy Demanding his root login credentials.

There is an update where GoDaddy explains itself and says they will change policy."


Journal Journal: Cryptome Taken Offline by Microsoft DMCA Filing 2

As of about 2:00 p.m. EST today, has been taken offline by their host and Registrar, Network Solutions. It seems Microsoft filed a copyright-infringement DMCA takedown notice relating to a Microsoft’s “Global Criminal Compliance Handbook,” a comprehensive, 22-page guide running down the surveillance services Microsoft will perform for law enforcement agencies on its various online platforms. Network Solutions took the extra step of locking the domain to preven

Comment Did you read the footnote? (Score 3, Insightful) 262

Apparently, owning a copy of The Anarchist's Cookbook is a jailable offense. I therefore should report who sells it. And since its not limited to british sites, I am pretty sure I read on wikipedia the mechanics on how thermonuclear weapons work. At least 1940s/1950s era weapons. In a world where information is criminal, only criminals will have information.
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Journal Journal: Wow that was fast

Within a half hour, I got a story rejected. My original Jolt Finder story must be lost or something. Pending for almost FOUR MONTHS now.

Here is the rejected story:


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Journal Journal: Jolt Finder Promo

Here is the article I submitted on Monday October 18, @03:39PM and is still pending. I am submitting a Jolt related story today, and hope that people may click on my journal and see it.


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Journal Journal: Meta-Modding

One of my favorite thing to do on slashdot is to find unfair mods of "troll" in meta-moderating. I have one -1 Troll post, and I think it unfair, so I take glee, when I see an unfair rating of troll, I really do.

Jolt Finder story is still pending.

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Journal Journal: Interesting

Story about light-graffiti: approved in 10 hours.

Story about Jolt Finder: Still Pending after three weeks.

Just sayin....

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Journal Journal: Agony of waiting revisited

OK, 10 days and still pending. This is a GOOD sign, right? RIGHT? I mean if they hated it, it would have been rejected by now....



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Journal Journal: The agony of waiting

So I was lead to believe that story submissions would be accepted or rejected in hours. Its been two days. I'm hoping this is a good sign, that maybe they are "saving it" for a slow day (is there such a thing?) or as a "quickie" whatever that is.

Its agony to see it "pending" for two days though, agony.

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