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Comment Re:Fuck It (Score 2) 113

I do pretty much the same thing. Any call coming in that isn't in my contact list goes directly to VM. My mobile provider has a nice VM to text service so I get to scan the text of the message and if it looks legit I'll either listen to the VM or call back. All spam numbers go into my blocked list. The number of spam or robo calls I get is pretty low now.

Comment Re:Money from people who want to sell? (Score 2) 241

Could someone wrap up in a few words how you could scam money from people who want to SELL something?

The most common scam aimed at sellers is the potential buyer (scammer) sends you an email that they want the item but they're out of town and will have their shipping company pick the item up. You're selling a guitar for $500, they tell you they'll send you a check for $550 to cover the guitar plus the $50 to give to their shipping company when the pick up the item. They send you a check for $650 and an email that the check was accidentally sent for the wrong amount. They ask you to cash the check at your bank and then Western Union the remaining $100 to them. Your bank will most likely 'clear' the check in 3-5 business days so you THINK the check is good because the money is in your account. You send them their 'extra' $100. 4 days later you check your bank account to find that the $650 deposit was reversed because it was in fact NOT a good check.

Submission + - SPAM: Online Book Library

cob666 writes: I used to buy any technical books I needed but now live in a more remote area where I no longer have access to big book stores with plenty of shelf space. I've used Safari Books Online in the past but their monthly costs have gone up a bit over the last year and they've made other changes to their plans. I was wondering if there were any other online book sites, what are you using and what are the pros / cons?

Comment Re:It might be correct course of action (Score 2) 130

Yes, companies ARE required to keep private medical information secure but whether or not the company THOUGHT their secure location extended to the directory where the patient data was is irrelevant. The data was unencrypted and freely accessible via an anonymous ftp server. The company should be penalized for allowing this to happen, NOT the user who found the exposed ftp server and informed the company that the records were freely available.

Comment Absurd! (Score 1) 134

This is getting ridiculous, what else would a phone do but make actual phone calls. The methodology Apple uses in the iPhone to make a phone call can't be THAT much different than every other phone manufacturer that they should be singled out for violating some insanely broad patent. Apple should use some of that cash it has stockpiled and stomp the trolls into the ground.

Comment Flying should be more expensive in general (Score 1) 103

Blame all the discount travel sites. Putting a plane in the air is expensive but nobody wants to shoulder that burden, instead they want discount flights where more and more people are packed in like cattle cars, every option costs more and more money and then people do nothing but complain about the quality of their flight or the service.

Comment Re:Discriminatory? (Score 1) 173

I worked for a manufacturing facility in CT that had several offices as well as an actual manufacturing plant. During the summer and other peak usage times, the local power company would give us massive reductions in cost or provide credits of tens of thousands of dollars, JUST to turn off half of the fluorescent lights in the offices for at least 4 hours.

Where I live now, the local pulp mill can generate power with residual steam that normally runs the paper machines. During high load times when the power company pays them more, they will actually STOP producing paper because its more profitable to generate electricity on those days.

Comment Re:Nine years of pair programming? (Score 2) 186

I was a long term contractor at a rather large international company that recently outsourced all their IT, which included application development, to an India based company.

I've had to deal with the client and the new support company several times over the last year and I agree that the mindset is completely different. They tend to work in teams of 2 or 3 with only one person doing any actual work at any given time. I'd love to say that the this results in either increased productivity or a better code base but I haven't seen any examples of that.

Comment Re:memory loss defence? (Score 2) 602

This is also the first thing that popped into my head when I read the story. H1-B workers are only supposed to be brought in if there are no American workers that are capable of doing the job available. If that's so then why are you letting the current workers go but keeping them on retainer? Surely they are capable of doing the job if you are keeping them on retainer, thus the H1-B workers is in violation of the intent of the H1-B program.

This looks like an incredible opportunity to take legal action against the entire program and expose it for what it really is, a Visa loophole exploited by American companies to screw higher paying US workers.

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