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Comment DEATH to twitter (Score 0) 152

Twitter, is for TWITS. Spreads more garbage, than a truck with the gate down. PRIME example. Ferguson Missouri. Twitter spews out "police shoot unarmed teenager with hands up running away". Riots, burning of businesses, black lies matter and for what? Few weeks, moths later, we find out not only was he not running away, he was running TOWARD the officer, AFTER he assaulted a store clerk, assaulted the officer, attempting to take his weapon, was a past troublemaker, firearms, drugs and what not. Still today, ask a lot of people, they will say they shot him running away. Twitter, should be trashed....from the president, on down! The bulk of social media is garbage.

Comment FB is click bait (Score 1) 158

Shoot, about 75% of the stuff I see are things like this: Apple will lose xxx here for the details New campaign to take down xxxx politician, click for the details and on and on. Click bait, to get people to go to a website, in order to run up the click count, so the website can charge more for advertising.

Comment Too expensive (Score 1) 331

I've worn a watch, since a teenager in the 70's. Feel's funny to NOT wear one. But, smartwatches, are TOO expensive, and their battery life it too short. I carry my phone with me, strapped to a belt clip. If I need anything more than the time, day/date or stopwatch, I just grab my smartphone. When a call comes in, if I am out and about, I either have it on my car, which displays who's calling, or the BT headset, which speaks to me saying who's calling. I have an inexpensive Casio Illuminator (big dial & numbers), battery lasts for YEARS, not HOURS. Less than $50.00, rugged, dependable.

Comment Home theater (Score 1) 193

With many people having pretty much a home movie theater, other than the draw of the HUGE SCREEN, what's the advantage of going to the movies? High price for the tickets & concessions, putting up with people in the theater yacking and what not, parking, gas to/from the theater, traffic, hot/cold/rain/snow. With online streaming, it's almost a benefit to just wait it out, stay at home and watch it in the comfort of your own home.

Comment THAT is what they want! (Score 4, Interesting) 679

Government wants a cashless world. It's about control. When you no longer have any tangible assets, they can take whatever money they want (ask Greece). Or, they can control/monitor your purchases. Outlaw cash...then make a law about healthcare tied to what you spend. Go into a fast food establishment...order a cheeseburger, fries and a coke....BZZZZZZZ sorry, your last healthcare checkup says your BMI is too high. Try to buy a sports car...BZZZZZZZ...sorry, your driving record shows too many speeding tickets. DON'T think it can't happen!

Comment Bitcoin worth (Score 0) 461

It's only worth, what one is willing to pay for it. It isn't backed by anything, no physical "thing". Until the U.S. government went off the gold standard, ANY money printed, had to be backed by a like amount of gold/silver, or no further money could be printed. Now, it is backed by "the full faith & credit of the United States", so, in other words, it's worthless, per se.

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