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Comment LOL here we go (Score -1, Troll) 305

The "Algores" of the world will be telling us that we are doomed, sea levels will rise, people will die dogs & cats will be living together in sin! We're doomed! Big whoop! So an iceberg the size of delaware broke off. About the only impact it will have is all the nut job photo hunters wanting to go take a photo of it, screwing up the sea lanes when it reaches a more moderate temperature zone, and, getting to close to it as chunks the size of buildings fall off and smack their boats. Stuff like this has been going on since the ice age, it's just that "humans" are here to witness it.

Comment hahaha, suck it Seattle (Score 1) 486

You want "progressive" garbage? YOU GET IT. What the city council doesn't realize, is a lot of these that can, will move OUTSIDE of Seattle to escape the tax. You'll have more traffic, as people want to travel from OUTSIDE of Seattle to work INSIDE of Seattle. You tax base will go DOWN, not up. Just look at the people that work IN New York City, but refuse to live in NYC because the taxes. Or, a LOT of major "urban" liberal run Chicago.

Comment More FAKE man made global warming news (Score 1) 180

Sorry, you "man made" global warming morons are still trying to get water out of a dry hole. Yeah, 50 years worth of data, "might" show an increase in so called climate change, but, when you look at the history of the world, when man's been around, it's been warmer, and colder. You really want to know what changes the weather patterns & temperature on this planet? Look up in the sky during the day, but DON'T look directly at could damage your eyes. It's called THE SUN.

Comment Broadband in the USA (Score 1) 99

The BIGGEST problem with having "broadband for everyone" is how spread out America is. ALL of Europe, including England, would fit inside the land area of the USA, with room to spare. It's why it cracks me up, when I see misleading statements about how poor the USA is, in broadband speed. Heck, you can take a ferry from England, to Holland, rent a car, and drive across Europe in about a day. If two cars leave the Texas/Oklahoma border at the same time, one traveling north, the other south, the one traveling north will enter Canada, before the one traveling south hits Mexico. And that is just ONE state. I drove from the southwest part of Missouri, near the Missouri/Oklahoma/Kansas border, to Detroit Michigan, and it took TWO days, and I don't drive the speed limit, and, all of my trip was on interstate highways with 70mph speed limits.

Comment Welcome to the "wonder" world of business (Score 1) 287

Thanks to political correctness, you can't even comment about someone "looking nice" anymore without being written up. Women, those wanting to climb the corporate ladder at any cost, will do ANYTHING to get themselves "noticed", going so far as to make allegations against a coworker. The problem with sexual harassment is that unless you have proof, it's a he said she said issue. But, with the Gloria Allreds of the world waiting for a chance to pounce on a microphone & camera, and, the media looking for another "juicy" story to help cover the 24/7 news cycle, it turns into a political circus.

Comment Told ya so! (Score 1) 263

Who didn't see THAT coming! Windows will eventually become a subscription based OS. MS had to see how Adobe is doing with their cloud based setup, and probably figured it would be easier. Just think from a business standpoint. Instead of getting an influx of cash every couple years when a new version comes out, you get a lower, but sustained model, which makes it easier to plan for this or that, if you know the capital you have on hand. Hey, I held off on photoshop cloud but switched about 6 months ago. I've had 2-3 major updates, and that means I didn't have to "buy" a new version. 10 bucks a month, for a "normal" retail package of photoshop, selling for anywhere from 500-1000 dollars, I'd have to use it a long time to make up that, at 10 bucks a month, plus I get to run it on TWO computers (home/laptop), so it's kind of 5 dollars a month per computer (and yes it's legal, before I made the switch, I sent them an email to inquire about it).

Comment Nice idea, but won't work (Score 1) 168

In my neck of the woods. The last ice age, pretty much stopped in our neck of the woods. You should see the problem with building anything around here. Drill a few feet down and you hit nothing but rock. About the only black dirt you have around here is near rivers. Otherwise, it's mostly red dirt/rock.

Comment 4%? (Score 1) 300

The ACTUAL unemployment rate since the 2007/08 recession/depression is around 12-14% but, the government BOTH SIDES of the political isle, will use numbers associated only with those that actually WANT to work, not those that have given up, gone on government assistance, etc, which knocks the rate down to 4-5%. With all of the shuddered businesses, how could any SANE person think everything has been "great" since around 2010?

Comment They did it to themselves (Score 3, Interesting) 92

When I bought my first Aliph Jawbone headset, I was amazed at the ability of the "noise assassin" to knock down noise. So much so, that I was on the phone during an ice storm, where we had part of our office running on two gasoline generators out in the parking lot. I was on the phone talking to a coworker and turned the noise canceling off and then on and he was amazed that if he didn't know any better, he would never have known the generators were running. Kept with them buying another one that was considerably smaller, but, by the time they came out with "the new era" one, it was a piece of junk. VERY poor battery life, kept disconnecting etc. Sent it back, the replacement didn't work, sent that one back, had poor battery and sound quality. I gave up on them and looked elsewhere. I think they stretched themselves with all the do-dads, speakers, fitness bands, and let their headset part falter. Yeah, a lot of people don't use these, but someone in my line of business NEEDS that type of headset working in a noisy environment and needing both hands free. Hopefully someone will buy/license their noise assassin technology and put it in their headset.

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