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Comment Re:We are getting one (Score 1) 381

I can't read for very long off a backlit surface with out becoming teary eyed. I know some (especially in the tech world) can power through a day with just a few minute breaks here and there from their LCD, but I have to get up and do something else for a bit before I can go sit down at my monitors again (both LED-LCDs). I don't know why but I get it at the Cinema too.

Comment Re:whatever happened to common sense? (Score 1) 196

I didn't make that clear in the OP (very tired from helping someone move) but the person who took the photos and uploaded them was not my friend having the bachelor party but a friend of his I barely knew. We went to the same high school (I was a senior and he a freshman) but never hung out with each other or anything.

Comment Re:whatever happened to common sense? (Score 1) 196

After he hit me with that he shuffled my resume and paperwork together and then proceeded to give me a tour of the facilities. This was less than 10 minutes after entering his office and sitting down. I knew that I had lost the job since the only real questions were about my personal life and such (Are you married? Why not? Do you have kids? etc) before walking me down to the IT closet to show me the hardware I would never even touch. It's typical in this part of the country (Kentucky) that if you aren't married then you better go to church and find someone to marry and pump out kids otherwise you'll never get anywhere in some job places.

He was a revival minister for several local churches and I've been told he imbibes in more than a few ways like all religious hypocrites. Oh well, I'm wiping my ass of this part of the country in the spring anyway. Fuck it.

Comment Re:whatever happened to common sense? (Score 1) 196

You can choose to believe this if you want, but you don't have to even have a social media presence to be affected by it. I went to a bachelor party of a close friend 2 years ago and at this party there were 3 strippers hired for "entertainment". Over the evening one fella had been taking pictures of the girls and us drinking, playing pin the tail on the stripper, and other things. Fast forward a couple years and the asshole ups them to facebook and then TAGS MY REAL NAME IN THEM.
So when I went to interview for IT at a local medical care company the part time minister (yes seriously) asked if I drank regularly or "partied", I said I had in the past but not recently "Oh?". I was fuming. I knew instantly what was going on and was pissed at myself and the son of a bitch that upped them. My new rule before applying for any job is spend a couple days on a search engine searching for my own name.


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