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Comment Of course it was . . . (Score 1) 52

This is the FBI, fer crissakes! The guys who were deeply, deeply penetrated by the Chinese military intelligence during the Clinton/Bush administrations (and are probably still in control). And then there is this:

Comment sgt_doom (Score 1) 85

The feebs can do ALL OF THIS, yet cannot arrest a single bankster responsible for the economic meltdown and continuing money laundering or Wells Fargo-like crimes? Oh, I forgot, Eric Holder . . . .(And Robert Swan Mueller III, and James Comey et al. Remember that dude, Swan, who was head of the FRBSF back in 1963 when millions of dollars of securities went missing?)

Comment Of course, given their BAE access . . . (Score 1) 118

BAE Systems' subsidiary, Applied Intelligence, got around UK export controls by having it's Denmarked-based subsidiary sell Qatar (ISIS buds) their Evident technology, which has state-of-the-art decryption programs (for decrypting your emails, etc.). Stands to reason the Pentagon stuff would be a dud.

Comment Re:Remember, kids... (Score 1) 46

Yeah, I admit to never having been a fan of Micro$oft, but I do recall years back, the final time I was a contractor there, this time in tech support, some of us would routinely solve problems which had gone all the way up the queue to the MS senior engineering group (but the customer always forgot or misplaced their numbers of course, so began all over) but were still unsolved. Not impressed . . .

Comment Obviously, . . . (Score 1) 1222

Ted Chiang's outstanding story morphed to the Big Screen, Arrival (with Amy Adams, Forest Whittaker, etc.) --- the all-time bestest! Also, although a bit dated, did like Supernova with James Spader, Angela Bassett, Lou Diamond Phillips, Robert Forster, and Robin Tunney (looking particularly hot). Aliens (the second one in that series) was also outstanding, and perfectly captured the small combat team experience in an impossible situation!

Comment Message already received loud and clear (Score 1) 285

"There's a surprising prediction for the next 15 years"

Wow! That's a shocker! Let's see now . . . Bank of America just built three new branches, full automated, no humans need apply --- Café X in San Fran is fully automated, no human barristas wanted --- Goldman Sachs used to employ 600 cash equity traders, but due to automation today only employs 2 --- Rolls Royce recently came out with an operating system for super container ships which requires no crew!

Comment Re:Locals preferred ? (Score 3, Interesting) 239

The federal regulation is that there can be NO oversight on the visa program --- that's right, it is illegal for the federal gov't to monitor the work visa program (see either the federal regs, or read Michelle Malkin's book, Sold Out --- and yes, I realize she is or was a conservative, but this book is definitely not in that realm).

Comment Well, maybe, it's dangerous? (Score 1) 391

Just read an excellent book titled, Campus Rape Frenzy --- detailing all the false allegations brought against college dudes by college women, and how their lives were really screwed up or destroyed as a result. While we've been reading about it in the news, to see the actual stories and numbers is really shocking.

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