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Comment Excellent catch --- outstanding post! (Score 1) 62

Yup, they want Durkan, who has been endorsed by former governors Christine Gregoire and Gary Locke. Why is that important?

Because Durkan, as a former US Attorney, led a three-year investigation of Washington Mutual in the aftermath of the global economic meltdown, and couldn't find a single action worthy of prosecution, while a 2010 congressional investigation found plenty!

And the latest FBI stats indicate Seattle leads the nation in property crime (has for quite some time, if we are talking reality here) and that is a result of former governors, Christine Gregoire and Gary Locke, who signed the Interstate Compact on Adult Offenders, bringing in 3 out of every 4 ex-convicts to this region.

Actions have predictable consequences . . .

Comment Allow the Cubans a little craftiness, please . . . (Score 1) 300

I've known more than a few intelligent Cuban-Americans (except for Otto Reich, whom I don't know), so allow those still back on the island a little leeway please. If they used concentrated bursts of directed microwave transmissions (something the old Soviets were researching back in the 1960s) along with those sounds, people might tend to believe the sounds were the cause and not look for any microwave sources.

Comment Of course it was . . . (Score 1) 52

This is the FBI, fer crissakes! The guys who were deeply, deeply penetrated by the Chinese military intelligence during the Clinton/Bush administrations (and are probably still in control). And then there is this:

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