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Comment I'd like to take this opportunity . . . (Score 1) 204

. . . to mention something appropriate to this topic, namely Google, and other tech companies, and their hiring procedures.

We've been reading for years on, on this site and others, about the stringent interview/tests required for Google applicants (and I used to hear the same thing about Micro$oft, etc.), yet nothing brilliant has come out of that company beyond their search engine --- yes, they've purchased the occasional company and added its innovations to their arsenal, but nothing particularly creative has originated in-house.

We saw the same thing at Micro$oft, although having been a contractor off and on there, I can attest to very unmeritocratic and nespotistic hiring going on there, contrary to the publicized bullcrap ---- and no, I've never gotten an interview with them, regardless of the number of work-related bonuses they gave me, and I'm not unique in that regard, yet people of no account have received interviews based upon playing tennis or paddle ball with certain employees, or being related to others.

I see this article/posting as yet another example of what I'm stating.

Comment Re: Oh noes!!!!11111 (Score 1) 647

Back in the 1980s, there was a PSA-type show, where the Sunday morning interviewer was a fairly intelligent woman, interviewing a young lady who was explaining women's programs in the construction industry. She explained her parents paid for her liberal arts college degree, but she thought she was technically inclined, so she enrolled in a special government-paid-for electronics tech course --- which she flunked out of. Next she enrolled in a special government-paid-for appliance tech course --- which she flunked out of, and she was currently in a special government-paid-for construction course - - - which she either hadn't yet completed or flunked out of. The lady interviewer started becoming irritated with her and kept inquiring how many other courses she was planning on taking?

Comment I keep seeing this bullcrap . . . (Score 1) 647

Like every four to six months in the Seattle area, either the Sleaze-attle Times, or the Sleaze-attle Weekly, runs some such story about Only white males being in local IT, but there's a major problem: one looks at those companies they reference, and you see mostly brown-skinned doods from India. (Perhaps they consider themselves white, but they certainly aren't Americans yet, still foreign visa workers from abroad!

When I was in IT, before they stopped hiring me, I worked around plenty of women and minorities, but they were by and large American, while I look around at those companies now, all I see are foreign visa workers, and since around 50% or more of all new IT hires are foreign visa workers, I believe the real data bears me out.

Comment Re:What. The. Fuck. (Score 1) 200

Right up there with people driving off cliffs who pay attention to their GPS/Google maps, not to the road, and others getting run over while crossing the street staring at the i-Phones in their hands, while the driver is doing the same. What idiot uses something unnecessarily complicated to accomplish a simple task? A Brit, that's what idiot!

Comment Re:Protectionism (Score 1) 813

Yes, that may finally (emphasis on FINALLY) be the case, even though we've been hearing that pathetic and tedious meme since the 1970s, douchey, the offshoring of jobs and replacement of American workers with foreign visa scab workers is a major livelihood killer, just kindly just STFU and read two books: Outsourcing America, by Ron Hira and his brother, and Sold Out, by Michelle Malkin.

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